Each & Every Day

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 16 February 2010

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Many people often get lost after a Separation as they try to make sense of their topsy turvy world and new and altered life. After numerous attempts at re-establishing what many refer to as a 'normal' life and falling short of realigning yourself with renewed purpose, the following few simple steps may just help get your show on the road.

So first, what would you really like to be doing each and every day? Think about it.

Something challenging, meaningful, risky, fun and rewarding perhaps, from the moment you wake early in the morning, full of excitement like a child bursting at the seams on Christmas Day, to late in the night.

Plus it can never be viewed as work, simply pleasure or a calling — but never just a job or something you have to do to survive or bring home the bacon. You owe it to yourself to find something you truly enjoy, especially after having a rough ride up to this point. Furthermore, everyone will benefit from you doing something you love. WOW — what a bonus!

If you crack this question you will be amongst the lucky few who love their daily routine, if it's in fact appropriate to call it that.

The secret is to relax, be peaceful and picture in your mind what your day consists of, how you want to feel, and doing what and where and with who, including all emotions and thoughts that make you feel good. Right from the first minute of waking, til that last conscious thought before snoozing off when your body says so. It may not be easy at first, however with some practice and commitment it may help you big time.

Only when you first be in the mind, can you then become in the world.

A good tip to get you started with this daily picture creating is to write down a handful of things, events, scenarios you want to create or be amongst, and people you wish to be around and/or affected in your day, just as the good lord blesses you with daily bread.

Think for a second on how you play a game of chess. Where do you start? First with a board, all the various chess pieces and then picturing and strategising a certain number of moves in your head. The main point here is for you to picture what chess pieces you want in your game of life and which moves to make to point in you in a particular direction.

Don't hold back — dream a little, be imaginative and even child like with your ideal day. Remember, this is your life and you are the main creator and actor, and sole director of your new life production. It won't be long before you match your personality, skills and knowledge with what you love and truly enjoy doing. And last but not least, it is essential you sprinkle some excitement throughout your day to give it that kick.

Happy creating!

With love, kindness and peace

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