You Are Everything (Download)

By Michael Knight

Sunday 21 February 2010

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Have you ever really wondered why your children look up to you?

Far more important than just a height difference, could it be because you represent an image of God, a source of light and loving energy — nourishment to fuel and guide their spirit as they travel their unique journey.

To your children you are everything — and they without doubt mean everything to you. Being and giving everything they need unconditionally is just the way it has to be, just as the sun gives you light and warmth day after day without fail.

As you are everything, so do you have everything to give away, to your children and the person you had children with. Fear not, for the greater ye shall give the closer you will be to God and the greater ye shall receive.

Although not without it's challenges, the truth is that parenting and family is a journey that's more fulfilling than words could ever describe, giving you a lifetime of meaning.

The role of parent is possibly the most important and responsible role you will ever play, and hopefully the most desired one you will ever want to experience.

As children of God the only language they should ever be raised on is the knowledge of love or God, for love is the only truth that is real. For it is truth that shall set you all completely free.

Whilst serving your children with absolute love, your children will also complete you, whether you are aware of it or not, giving you exactly what you need — love, maturity, real freedom and much much more!

God has blessed and trusted you with this life changing event giving you everything. Through your union with God only will your life grow to perfection. For deep down you know you are the Kingdom of Heaven — you are everything!

With love, kindness and peace

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