Creative Change

By Michael Knight

Monday 22 December 2008

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To survive separation, change is essential — with creativity being an important ingredient.

The flow on effect from being creative is positive improvement in your life from tiny steps to leaps and bounds, in a relatively short period of time. Many new directions you may never have thought of will pop up fervently everywhere, with the possibilities being endless. The journey can be loads of fun with an absolute certainty of gaining growth and fulfillment along the way.

We are all usually born with a left and right part of the brain, our logical and creative sides respectively. However, our left brain is usually more dominant and orderly in order for us to cope with stable and predictable patterns of living. As a result, our creativity can lay dormant due to inhibition, duty and responsibility, just to name a few. A mundane life of routine and repetition can both be the cause and symptom of low levels of, or unenacted upon creativity.

However, creativity is not rocket science, it is simply a skill. It is the ability to formulate creative ideas and be lateral in one's thinking. Once these skills are learnt, developed and applied — separation becomes easier and the world becomes your oyster, once again.

It's not unlike being an artist where new things are created from nothing, although it's not about being an artist born with some amazing talent. If you don't think you are or can be creative — think again. If your mind is open to the concept that all things are possible, this is the key to unlock your creativity. We can all be creative in some way or another.

Like with any skill our creative mind needs training and practice with an emphasis on what can be, rather than what is. Start today by moving, and doing one simple thing you haven't done before, or at least not done for a long time. Creative change is nothing more than one baby step at a time.

It's not even a matter of whether we want to change — it will just happen automatically through newly formed habits.

For exercises on developing your creative thinking and ideas more check out Edward de Bono's book on 'How to have creative ideas'.

Take care with love and peace

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