Building Your Dreams (Download)

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 12 May 2009

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If you could have anything you wanted, what would it be?

Have your dreams been shattered because of Separation or Divorce? Well despair not, it's time to rebuild your old dreams or completely build new ones.

So what are they?

If they're new or old ones at least you know what they are, and all that's needed is some readjustment and planning and you'll be on your way.

But what if you don't have any dreams?

Well, this may take some time so — 'sit with yourself', meditate, be of quiet mind or simply just keep busy and don't think. Remember how many things come to mind when you're doing boring things such as cleaning, making the beds, washing the dishes, catching public transport or even driving the car?

Hopefully, when the time's right a dream will surface, just like that first green shoot popping up through the soil from almost nothing — a seed.

Remember you can't hurry dreams, so be patient and they will come.

Dreams are the first step to your new life.

Remember the bigger the dream the more excited you will get, but keep it on the slightly realistic scale, else you may give up on it altogether becoming disheartened, disillusioned and possibly depressed.

Dreams are usually built on faith. A faith in yourself and from whatever source that works for you. It can be an inner knowing coupled with an intense desire, not unlike a dog with a bone who just won't let go.

If after some time you can't seem to dream, day or night, or desire anything, you may need to reassure yourself that "that's ok" and "they will come". Remind yourself that "I am a good person and I am worth it". Perhaps have a laugh and chuckle if it all seems too hard or a bit weird.

It maybe the bridge is out, and your pathway to where you are now, has been lost. Your mind maybe lost or in some stuck mode. So what's needed now?

Something new and radical perhaps. Does this scare you? Yes, it probably should, but in a nice way. See, you have a dilemma and are at the crossroads. If you continue to stay stuck, that will be the end of your life. In other words what you have done up until now, will be your whole life. It doesn't matter what age you are, until your last breath is taken, you can do almost anything. How fantastic is that? Otherwise, you may as well book yourself a ticket for heaven and start saying your goodbyes to everyone now.

However, if you are not ready to teleport to heaven just yet, and believe you have a lot more living to do, good onya and thanks for sticking around to give the rest of us a run for our money.

Right, radical and new! What ideas have you got? What have you always wanted to do as a young kid, whilst growing up or even in your adult years? Things perhaps before meeting your ex and having a family? Yes, they are coming back to you, aren't they. Write them down. Feel excited, very excited. Woohooh. Yes jump up and down with joy and laughter. Act crazy. Yes you're free to do them. You've made it.

Keep thinking about these ideas and dreams you have and how exciting it is. Focus on one thing that you really want to do the most and write this out twenty-two times a day, detailing all the specifics. Repeat this for the next 11 days without missing a day, else you will have to start all over again.

As you are writing, picture yourself being in this new lifestyle, taking note of all the wonderful feelings. Each day your desire should become stronger and stronger pushing you toward your dream. A bit like buying that new house with each subsequent visit making you want it more and more as the good feelings intensify. Or test driving that new car a few times. It will either get better or it won't, hence giving you the signal as to whether it's meant to be or not. So give it a whirl.

With love

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