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By Michael Knight

Thursday 29 April 2010

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A true to life reality of a family Separating is that day after day unsuspecting parents are churned over, financially fleeced and placed under psychological duress by non friendly and anti-family systems notwithstanding propaganda that says otherwise.

Fair and just outcomes are a rarity with money, influential connections, narcissistic personalities and character disorders dictating much of the power and control, as with many other areas of life.

It may not be what you need, want, like or expect, however it is what happens and by and large will be what you get!

Parents naively turn to lawyers and the legal system because they lack the right knowledge and support. Fear and immaturity are usually the catalyst to induce fiery and thoughtless emotions in one or both parents at a critical time when the need to make logical and common sense decisions must prevail.

Whether you are a good parent or child, you do not deserve to be put through the legal shredder. There is absolutely no value for any family member if this occurs. A Separation should never cost you a bundle, ruin yours or your kids psychological and financial future.

On top of that, you or your children should never have your time, energy or mental health obliterated by archaic systems clearly out of touch with what's really in the best interests of parents, children and families.

You all deserve much better than what any current or future system can ever provide.

If this is true and the system so bad you ask, why does it exist?

Well simply, brainwashing, lack of alternatives, lack of proper thinking, sloth, plus many people are delusional, asleep living in some form of illusion.

Although systems can't be sued like any other person, business or organisation for breaches in duty of care, harm, negligence and similar actions, individuals can. However, this is a negative often futile exercise and is not the right approach to fix your family problems. The system with it's power should always be available in the background, used as a last resort and for specific purposes. The concept of the system being the norm is getting to be completely old fashioned and time for a rethink and overhaul.

The main contributing factor is really you. Whether you be an emotionally distraught or naive mum or dad, signing a simple legal document such as a Court Application form, can basically give legal processes jurisdiction over you, your partner, children and assets.

Whoooo you gasp!

Yes, from the moment one parent puts in a Court Application the imbalance is put in play and the bell to commence the boxing match rings aloud — the fight is on.

From this point onward a fury of allegations, defenses, justification, orders, a host of unsavoury emotions, ill health and restrictions will become the order of each day for some time to come. The initiating parent will indelibly draw the other parent into the battle whether they like it or not. Once both parents are locked into the fight, it usually continues until either the money runs out, one parent falls down and can't get up or one or both parents become super wise and pull the pin.

Communicating with each other, arriving at a better solution and deciding to discontinue the initiating Court Application is really not that hard, if true love for your children, yourselves and each other is really present.

It's outright dumb to give away your power and life like this but many parents do it day after day without thinking, knowing or understanding fully the implications of their actions. Many parents set themselves and families up for a big fall, yet don't even know it.

However, to safeguard yourself as much as possible seek out knowledge and support in this area of life before handing away your power and life to the legal system.

With love, kindness and peace

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