Winning your life back (Download)

By Michael Knight

Wednesday 28 April 2010

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Do you remember that feeling of being a winner?

One of the real challenges post a Separation after you have lost your children, assets, career, identity and self esteem, in addition to falling down, bowing out of the rat race on some level and coping with the many other upsets along the way, is regaining both that hungry desire and ability to win your life back. Cos your totally worth it kiddo, always remember that!

It can certainly take a long time for the dust to settle alright, no objections there from anyone I'm sure. Prolonged litigation followed by an extensive rehabilitation process, sometimes regressing back through your life fixing up past issues and filling up your love tanks. It all takes its toll and can take many years.

To anybody going through a Separation, conflict and litigation, get through it very quickly as the effects can punish you for along time by stealing your time and zest for life away.

Although things have changed, you've changed, you can now reclaim your life back and all the good things you've been missing out on. Let your heart run free with desire once again. It's a great feeling and all I can say, until you start to get these feelings returning, you will not begin to feel truly alive and live life to your full potential.

With love, kindness and peace

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