What are your sources of love? (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 30 April 2010

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Whether it be before or after your Separation, getting your dose of love is almost as important as the oxygen you breathe to live your life of peace, contentment and bliss.

An increase of love in one or more of the areas below will stimulate your meaning of life, keep you on purpose enjoying life like there's no better place to be.

Love is your power from spirit. It is replenished and boosted by the many forms of love available to you through giving, receiving, healing, believing and knowing.

Love gives you strength to exist and expand accomplishing all you wish.

Love is the undeniable food of your soul and without it you would shrivel.

Below are common sources of love that you will derive your love and nourishment from.

By keeping these sources filled up in your life as much as possible, you will exude love, feel love and be love without any effort. However throughout your life, these sources will not be at full capacity all the time and will require your attention, some work and of course your love to keep topped up. Nonetheless, with diligence you can be aware of which ones are getting low or missing and rectify the problem.

What's most exciting about love is there's an abundance of it, even if you are not experiencing enough of it right now. Love is a great cure for depression with the answer lying in multiple sources of love. Just as with a portfolio of investments, diversification is the key.

Filling up your bottles of love from the ocean of love will not only benefit you, but the exchange of love will benefit others. There is no way it cannot. This is a universal law of love.

Love is energy and energy is never wasted or lost, it simply transforms and recycled.

Start filling up on love today and decide what message of love you will be sending and to who?

10 Sources of Love

  1. Love from God

  2. Love from nature

  3. Love from yourself

  4. Love from your parents

  5. Love from family & friends

  6. Love from your work, colleagues and peers

  7. Love from closeness, relationships and intimacy

  8. Love from your children and pets (unconditional and dependent forms of love)

  9. Love from having fun

  10. Love from helping, giving and serving loved ones, family, community, humanity, nature and God.

With love, kindness and peace

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