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By Michael Knight

Friday 8 October 2010

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Depending on the severity of how badly you've been affected from a Separation, it may take some time to stop your head from spinning and sending all your thoughts, concepts, beliefs and logic into total disarray. Your reality as you once knew it often disappears with an entire new one being born.

Some people actually gain from a Separation while others are mildly affected by the loss and changes to their life and loved ones while the remainder can be traumatised so badly that their life is never the same again. Some even teeter on the edge of suicide as their survival instinct works overtime as they decide will I or won't I?

Those who are resilient in spirit can grapple with making sense of their life for many years while they attempt to transform their topsy turvy world back into some form of orderly existence with meaning where they not only survive but in fact achieve what they really wanted, possibly their whole life.

A Separation can mean a second chance to many of us if you are able to make the shift and see yourself and the world in a new light. Your shift in perception need only be marginal for you to see things differently, possibly more in alignment with that path to success you have always been searching for.

If your Separation doesn't cause you to be extinguished from the rat race, many people eventually see the rat race for what it is and choose to exit, for it is often a repetitive cycle that gets you know where bar a life of false security.

Whilst this is ok for some, it is not for others as they leave the rules of the rat race to develop their own — congruent with universal laws of course. Once finally becoming aware of what they really want in their precious life with finite time, they make the necessary changes within themselves to obtain their illusive holy grail. The quest you were sent here to accomplish.

Becoming aware of what your target in life is may come to you in a blink or it may take some work and time to realise what your prime objective really is and furthermore develop the self discipline, fortitude and plan to make your mission a success.

Only through drilling deep can you be truly sure of discovering your prime objective. By running a process of filtering say half a dozen times or so, you can distill the pure essence of what your prime objective is. That is, that one thing your heart and soul really wants you to discover and achieve. Remember your eyes and mind may trick you but your heart won't — so be sure to listen to it.

Simply, what you have to do is think about what you want or to become, and imagine you already have it or are it, with all the details, feelings, new choices, responsibilities, fears and stresses that come with this new found existence. Then ask yourself, is this what you really want and does it fill you with those feelings you desire?

If not, run this process again and again until you arrive a place of knowing of what you really do crave. Chances are this end point will not be what you ever first thought. Notwithstanding a common misconception, it is never really about materialism for thyself. Some examples maybe:

  • Safety
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Freedom
  • Comfort
  • More fun & laughter
  • A sense of belonging
  • Truth
  • Helping the needy, disadvantaged, vulnerable and others
  • Being powerful
  • Being a good provider
  • Being needed, valued and appreciated
  • Being able to give more to your family and others
  • A sense of righteousness and clear conscience
  • Fixing problems
  • Contributing to making the world a better place
  • The challenge of increasing your value to the world

Then once you have your prime objective turn this dream into a set of goals with specific time-frames and move into action with full heartfelt desire as if it was the last thing on the planet you had to do.

By being the best, wanting the most from life and enriching your life to the fullest can only fully be obtained through the giving of value to and enriching the lives of others. Any thoughts or actions contrary are simply delusional.

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Vicky from VIC, Australia on October 8, 2010 @ 10:23 pm
    Separation was a real eye opener for me after 18yrs in the r-ship starting at age 17 so I wasn't really mature enough to get involved but hey that's life. What you learn about yourself is possibly the reason behind it all and your prime objective is a good place to start at the end of the relationship as I did helping disadvantaged people. It wasn't easy at first to realize this but has given me a lot of joy and satisfaction. To all, do dig dip and work out what you are really here for besides raising children as the rewards you discover will be worth it.
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