The Tenable Bond of Trust (Download)

By Michael Knight

Wednesday 20 October 2010

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"It's all about trust my son", says Arthur with a serious tone, leaving you wondering whether he really practices what he preaches.

When trust flies out the window you pretty well have nothing left. As Arthur Daley (played by George Cole) in the Hit English TV series of yesteryear Minder used to say, "my word is my bond". Perhaps Arthur knew more than his shady TV character was letting on.

Many people seem not to be fully aware of the importance of maintaining an unbreakable level of trust in a relationship and the full implications of breaking this trust, leaving hordes of people trapped in a world of Separation, confusion, loss, emotional and financial misery, not to mention caught in a legal web of lawyers and courts.

Those who do not realise the seriousness nature of this word and bond called trust may just find themselves in hot water — if not today, then tomorrow. Trust is a fundamental lesson you must learn in life with people and relationships, who to trust, when and with what, but most of all you must trust yourself — your intuition or instincts, reasoning and feelings. Trust can be tricky and generally it is learned and earned in levels over time.

In a committed relationship especially marriages, trust is the backbone, the foundation upon which all other aspects of the union are built. Break this and your house will come tumbling down turning your life and dreams into a pile of rubble, make absolutely no mistake.

Although, trust is generally a black and white issue with a breach of trust not easily forgiven if at all, it must be taken into account that some will not have fully developed and matured the concept of trust, let alone be able to action it unconsciously in day to day life. Those who are naive, immature, unprincipled or simply don't care will need to be assessed by you early in determining whether you should put your trust in them.

So ultimately, why should there be a need for trust and secrecy when we desire to foster a culture of honesty and openness in communities and across nations, with the purpose of peace and harmony?

That's certainly a complex subject but for now, a good starting point on the issue of trust maybe how much you trust yourself and others.

With love, kindness and peace

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