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By Michael Knight

Monday 5 January 2009

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Happy New Year to you and everyone, it's going to be a fantastic year. Just tell yourself that 100 plus times and you will start to believe it or go mad, one or the other. No, it will - it just has to be. At least that's what my little voice of reason in my head says, so it must be true? Yikes...that's another topic of discussion.

Anyway, I was looking on a dating site recently, to find that love of my life - ain't that a biggy - and noticed many women were saying things like "I want somebody happy,...they have to be happy within themselves,.. and I'm happy", and I thought if love wasn't big enough, now I have happy to deal with... Sheesh.

So what is happiness, really?

So then I started thinking and researching it, which I guess normally, one should not have to, it should just be — right? Then I thought maybe I lost it somewhere, perhaps it's buried deep under that deep pile of rubble from that blast of 'TNT' that went off, multiple times, from a long bitter drawn out Separation. Hmmm... I just don't know.

Maybe that was the cause of the relationship breakdown — who will ever know, but that doesn't much matter now does it, cos it's in the past, or does the past matter, and if so, how much? Ooops off topic.

Anyway, I'm taking the standpoint that happiness can be whatever you want it to be, can't it? Well, that's my position for at least now.

Some people talk about the pursuit of happiness, happiness itself is the way, others say it's simply a state of mind. It can become quite confusing.

Although, when you observe people who appear to be happy, reaffirmed by them saying "Yes... I think I'm happy" and start laughing, I wonder to myself — am I missing out on something here. Am I happy and perhaps just don't know it?

Then I start to think back in my younger years in my 20's and as a kid to get those memories of happiness, followed by wondering whether I have ever been happy, or know what happiness really is. Maybe I have suffered some form of depression, bouts of moodiness, sadness all my life.

Well at least from the age of five perhaps, when my father walked out and left my mother to raise four boys, pretty well on her own, and I was the eldest. So maybe I didn't get my share of the happy pills that were being dished out in childhood. But does everyone? Hmm... good ol' childhood, another topic for another day.

But really, what is the essence of happiness and what is it good for?

My view at present is that happiness is a feel good drug. So why buy and use synthetic drugs, often with side effects, when you can have the 100% pure natural chemical made from your own brain FREE!

That sounds pretty good to me... How do I start producing this chemical concoction, I want to feel good all day, every day... let me at it.

But there is a secret trick to being happy every day despite life's circumstances and works something like this, well so I'm led to believe.

I have just borrowed and about to read the book 'The Happiness Bug' by Shelley Sykes which incorporates passages from the book 'Happiness Purpose'by Edward De Bono.

Are you happy? Please write and tell me what it's like for you, with or without having read the book.

Take care with love and peace

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    By: Pete Farmer from Auckland, NZ on October 27, 2010 @ 12:39 am
    I have found happiness is when you can be all that you can be to yourself and others.
    By: Carrie from VIC, Australia on January 16, 2010 @ 10:46 am
    'Happiness'..... reminds me of the term: 'God'.... so difficult to define, however, everyone has an interpretation.... (and no interpretation seems to be incorrect!)
    Happiness is, however, a little more tangible, no? I.e. in the absence of it, it is definitely noticed. The 'trick', I believe, is to learn to notice the presence of it. It's a little like learning to use the 'mind's eye' and see the silver lining on every cloud....
    My life, for example, is the epitome of a boat going down.... however, I've never been so happy (or is this the inevitable hysterical endpoint of insanity? I can't tell! Either way - I'm happy!)
    Can I recommend: "The Secret"; a corny American production that (if you can get past the completely unnecessary dramatic techniques employed) actually sets out some pretty simple cognitive therapy that should be of some help, for those struggling to 'put their finger on it'. The other alternative (if you want to be convinced that unhappiness causes further unhappiness) is Lewis Wolpert's 'Malignant Sadness' - but it's not nearly as uplifting (and most of us tend to be motivated to investigate/research/search for the 'answer' to happiness when we most notice it's absence in our life).
    Good luck in your quest - no matter what form your 'happiness' takes.
    By: cathy from Victoria, Melbourne on May 27, 2009 @ 9:11 am
    Good on you Michael, Im sure you will find happiness but Im note sure if you will find the love of your life on a dating site.

    By: John Williams from California, US on May 19, 2009 @ 5:52 am
    Good on you Michael for giving it a crack. Not an easy subject. Been searchin most of my life for happiness and still don't know what it is...

    Think it's linked to your sense of achievement and getting satisfaction from whatever you are doing at that moment in your life. Cheers
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