The Business of Making Lawyers Rich (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 20 January 2011

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Are parents really that dumb and stupid?

If you are a parent and paying wadfuls of money to lawyers for really, absolutely nothing at all, well I guess that means you!

Look, if I'm too open and honest well I'm sorry, however the truth does need to be told.

Your a totally dumb and stupid jackass!

Look — there's really no nice or easy way of putting it — but you've gone completely bonkers mad! Are you dumb as dog shit? There goes another one who left the site.

Don't you too get a bit sick of walking around on egg shells with all this political correctness? In fact, it's possibly the many years of political correctness that has blinded parents from the reality of what's really going on, and the mindset and action that's need to keep their family safe. In short, wake-up!

Living in a world of denial is what some parents get caught up in, causing a prolongation of the grief they inherited, preventing a much needed escape to a better life. Some times the truth is sharp and cold, but an untold truth is far worse. It's a lucky person who can be broken out of the spell of a catatonic condition that one enters into without really ever being aware. You should be truly grateful for having to swallow merely some pride as the cost, opposed to suffering many years of pain and loss, both for you and your children.

Have you thought about one day, after all this legal and Family Court litigation stuff, when you or the children could actually do with a penny or too? Perhaps a fully functioning brain and a relatively normal childhood to reflect upon in their later years? Do you think you will give them that going through nastiness and bitterness with your ex, while your finances surreptitiously get transferred into the hands of lawyers? Hmmmm...

Look, ok, sorry for being so hard on you before, you're not really dumb or stupid — just perhaps a bit confused. Yes, those wretched lawyers and legal system will do that to you every time.

Look the simple answer is to get out.

"I can't get out", you say.

"What do you mean you can't get out?"

"I can't stop!"

What, defending yourself, punishing the other parent for what they did or didn't do or actually protecting the child from harm, if that's what's really going to come to them from the other parent?

Hmmm... look, sometimes we just get caught up in all that legal nonsense, and let me tell you, it's the absolute most useless thing we have on the planet, yes, that's right, Family Law legal mumbo jumbo that hides under the rights and best interests of the child.

Whoever believes that, including the judges, lawyers and parents better stand up and tell the public the real truth!

Look, the simple point dear parent, is that get out of that money hungry antiquated legal family law system before it's too late. The lawyers will gobble all your money, your time, your life, destroy any resemblence of a childhood for most and destroy their futures by not leaving a zack for their financial inheritance. Yes, not a pretty sight, and your kids won't be impressed neither!

You my friend, the parent, maybe crushed so bad psychologically and emotionally, you may not get up for years and years, and conduct your life in a normal, respectful and responsible way. Well, if that's suits you, go along and play the legal game — for you and your children will most likely be sorry in the years to come, if not now.

Parents should learn to grow up, adopt the necessary self discipline it takes to be a parent, talk with each other, communicate, make decisions together for the betterment of the children, despite hating each others guts!

Can you do that, oh parents, ye wise souls?

Seriously, stay out of the system, both you and your children will usually not benefit from such a demonstrous process. It maybe a wise choice to get out of the business of making lawyers rich, when it's at the expense of putting you and your children in the poor house.

With love, kindness and peace

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