Freedom or Security? (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 30 September 2011

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One of the many complaints people bring up when Separating are the issues of freedom and security — whether it be physical, time, financial, sexual, emotional or psychological.

People would say there was never enough freedom to do what they wanted or when they liked, feeling somehow their freedom was either limited or impinged upon by responsibilities and restrictions. Often, while one wanted freedom the other one craved security. It was a doubled edged sword and recipe for disaster with conflict both inside and out.

So what really is this freedom and security that people get hung up about anyway. Does it come from wanting and having more, as if attempting to satisfy some addiction?

Freedom and security have been central issues for mankind as far back as the beginning of time, but what really lies at the core of these two big states that most people seem to insatiably want or need?

How deep do the roots of freedom and security really go and how many people know the true meaning behind what their inner soul truly craves for?

What price need be payed for such states of being and are they obtainable by anyone?

In a nutshell freedom and security are simply states of mind, save for the essentials of survival — namely food, water, shelter, peace and love. Predominantly, it's what's in your sub conscious that is controlling your show (beliefs, behaviours and attitudes about life), in addition to what you consciously know and perceive of yourself and your outside world.

What goes on in your mind is by and large your unique perception. A somehow imaginary take on how you want things to look like. An internal issue that is totally controllable by you and you alone, if this is what you wish. If you perceive you are free, then you are free, regardless of whether you are bound up in chains and locked with locks. Likewise, if you perceive you are secure so shall you be that too.

So if it is this simple, why do so many have difficulty in obtaining freedom and security?

Well there are no doubt many reasons starting with some confusion as to what type of freedom we are looking at here. Such as aspects that affect your freedom of the flesh (physical body), mind, heart or your spiritual essence. How these are all inter-related may vary for person to person with their being no right or wrong.

If we focus on the mind aspect, people may not be aware of how simple it is to achieve freedom, albeit requiring some discipline. With practice one can fully realise freedom and the many benefits to yourself and others.

The concept may have been overlooked in one's busy lifestyle or people just aren't used to having such freedom possibly from genetic roots stemming back to those convict days, either way, the reward of freedom may well be worth a closer look.

Perhaps it's something that's not taught at schools, or in the mainstream culture and what everyone is doing or feel they need to do, hence it remains aloof and out of one's awareness. Maybe the powerfully addictive nature of certain vices maybe stronger than any such desire or ability to realise what freedom is really present. Maybe by keeping busy purposefully with so little time for freedom, people in effect feel secure. A strange paradox at best.

Ironically, to understand the full sense of the meaning of freedom, one will likely need a certain amount of freedom to grow, mature and become acutely aware first. But as you begin to understand that freedom is a state of mind, no matter what circumstances surround you in your outside world, whatever you do and wherever this may be, you can always be free. Hopefully, a big weight has just been lifted off your shoulders allowing you to grow an extra inch upward, and also feel a greater sense of security within yourself, not outside of yourself in the world of make believe.

Whilst freedom can be on your list of values to choose from, it possibly would be preferable for you to regard it as an unconditional constant with 100% certainty of it being present at all times. Free from limitation or restraint by ourselves or others, purely in alignment with our natural god given nature.

In light of you being born with nothing and will leave with nothing figuratively speaking, what do these two states of being mean to you?

While the below freedom list is not in any order of priority, extensive nor complete as this would be an exhaustive exercise, it may however serve to stimulate creative thought, insight or discussion. Of course it goes without saying that all statements include a freedom of intention to ever harm another.

  1. Freedom to serve others before that of yourself.

  2. Freedom to become who you are and want you want to be.

  3. Freedom to think, say and do what you like, how and when.

  4. Freedom to be and do all you desire.

  5. Freedom of expression in all your many forms.

  6. Freedom from hunger, poverty and harm of any description.

  7. Freedom to a full range of holistic health services.

  8. Freedom to good food, clean water, shelter, peace and love.

  9. Freedom to belong.

  10. Freedom from addictions and harmful chemicals.

  11. Freedom from illusions.

  12. Freedom from toxic relationships.

  13. Freedom from the lure of financial freedom.

  14. Freedom to live a fulfilled life the way you choose.

  15. Freedom to travel with a right of passage anywhere on the planet.

  16. Freedom to be as one with the planet.

  17. Freedom to enjoy your work and be flexible with your time and labour demands.

  18. Freedom to be in a job of your choosing when and where, being rewarded handsomely in proportion to the value and service it affords others.

  19. Freedom to have abundant resources made available enhancing your human potential.

  20. Freedom to know yourself inside and out.

  21. Freedom to associate with the people of your choosing.

  22. Freedom from all those unwanted responsibilities that burden you rather than promote well being.

  23. Freedom from your self limiting beliefs.

  24. Freedom from your ego, self image having to impress others or concern yourself with what others think of you.

  25. Freedom from debilitating levels of stress.

  26. Freedom from propaganda, unwanted advertising and media programming that covertly control parts of your thinking processes.

  27. Freedom of choice, free from all restraint and limitations.

  28. Freedom to enjoy the abundance of what the world has to offer.

  29. Freedom to grow, learn and advance in your own way at a rate you are comfortable with.

  30. Freedom to live out your values.

  31. Freedom from fear, hatred and greed.

  32. Freedom from violence in your heart and evil in your soul.

  33. Freedom from physical and psychological pain.

  34. Freedom from suffering and sorrow.

  35. Freedom from tyranny, laws and rules that are unjust, enslave people rather than liberating.

  36. Freedom to love and be loved.

  37. Freedom from ignorance which keeps us imprisoned.

  38. Freedom to live in the moment, free of worry.

  39. Freedom to not have your family interfered with and separated without good reason.

  40. Freedom to work creatively and in harmony with others and our planet.

  41. Freedom to fly and soar like a bird.

So now what does Security mean?

Could having security simply mean everything that freedom is not.

See, if you are fully free — is there ever any need to seek security?

Is security in a sense it's own set of prison bars? Is it not an external illusion that you will never truly get to embrace your arms around?

This is quite different from feeling secure and peaceful within.

If true freedom is present fear is absent. Likewise, if fear is absent a need to feel secure will be unnecessary. Embrace the growth of freedom in your heart, mind and spiritually.

Let us all focus on how free we all are and how beautiful it is. By us all valuing and focusing on our freedom, this is a state we all shall remain in, for anything else will be a figment of our imagination, not a reality.

With love, kindness and peace

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