Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 4 May 2012

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Are we all perfect?

As much as some people think they are, and of course go to all lengths to have you believe they are, somehow thinking they are God's gift to humanity at the expense of others, who can do no wrong and are always right never needing to say sorry and so on, this scenario is possibly farthest from the truth as we're all inherently and so terribly flawed creatures. Not necessarily good or bad, just different.

When in a relationship, it is these differences that people must be able to accept, love and find beauty in if they wish to enhance and transcend their love for each other above and beyond mere superficiality and the 'norms' of what may be expected.

But of course it takes two and some conscientious effort as people and the world are in a state of perpetual change and flux as well as being programmatically altered in the mind on a daily basis. You are on a never ending roller coaster of change in your environment and knowledge of yourself and others. As your awareness grows, so do your perceptions and values as you now begin to see not only you in the world but the world and all its goodies in you. In other words, you have everything inside of you that you will ever need.

Now if that concept doesn't get rid of the loss, loneliness, deprivation, depression, low self worth and abandonment issues, possibly nothing ever will. It may take some time to get there with this notion, however be patient and kind to yourself and you will arrive all in good time.

But back to your life of being full of imperfections inside and out, how then do you cope?

With acceptance and gratitude is how.

It may also help to understand how could anyone ever be perfect anyway. Who or what could ever be your frame of reference? Yes people have used an assortment of idols and symbols; Jesus, various Gods, bibles, mentors, elders, role models and the like, but at the end of it all, is there really any one symbol of human perfection. You pipe up and say "I am!" ... LOL.

No not really but yes. Whilst most of us are programmed to search in the external world for an icon to follow and look up to, sadly there is no- true symbol of perfection and will never be until the day when you shed the looking externally for the answers and look inward. For inside of you, where heaven and hell lay, is your world of perfection. When you can travel there and have another (your special and loved one) travel with you inside of you and you with them inside of them, you are truly on a fortunate path and exciting journey.

While many won't hear and see this message, that's ok, it was only meant for you anyway, if you the beholder can see the beauty in it.

With love, kindness and peace

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