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By Michael Knight

Friday 25 May 2012

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When you can see, hear and feel someone's heart talking, is it really theirs or your own you're listening to? For when you can be touched by and see beauty far below any skin deep blemishes, cosmetic imagery and superficial facade, then I believe you are extraordinarily blessed and on the path to a humanness that you can be proud of.

Although many of us get caught up in our own little world of survival, what's important to us and of course what's in it for me, if you keep aware of what is happening outside of you as well as inside, you may just be lucky to get a glimpse of something beautiful that may nourish and enrich your soul.

It maybe a person in a wheelchair who is blind, not visibly clear at first to an onlooker but apparent with the absence of her making any direct eye contact. A lady who appeared elderly at first from the loose skin under her chin, yet her face was soft and youthful beneath a shade of rose coloured rouge, as was her hair, which looked like her natural colour I think but certainly strong and healthy.

Her teeth were coloured and a bit worse for wear — worn, sparse and had seen better days — being from an older generation and possibly not having the money or access to good health care. Her hands were curled up yet highlighted with brightly coloured nail polish neatly done on all her fingers. It was clear this young ol' girl was auspiciously groomed and excited to be on her outing, which was at this moment at the dentist.

When listening to her speak with her carer, the joy and child like innocence that arose startled me capturing my attention. Her words were brief and sentences well spaced, the pleasure she got from talking about her simple joys of eating Dim Sims and daily activities with a friend, certainly lit up her rosy coloured cheeks with a glow. She was indeed bubbly and happy.

In the periods between words, she struggled and possibly uncomfortably with muscles in her face. Was her mind processing something or was it tooth pain. It made me feel happy for her listening to her spreading her joys, not precociously just pure heart felt excitement, yet as she suffered from her awkward facial expressions part of me inside was crying.

I wanted to talk with her as if somehow my interaction would comfort her, perhaps take her mind of her pain. Yet I didn't, possibly from being a few people away. Or maybe I was scared to say anything in case it dampened her spirits or shattered her possible fragility from having a stranger enter her world. I wasn't quite sure if my intrusion would be welcomed. I could only quietly watch and wonder as my mind chattered away.

Nonetheless, I was mesmerized you could say. Fascinated and drawn in hook line and sinker from the naive beauty of her vulnerability, openness and unadulterated pureness of sharing who she was without disguise or inhibition. For being in the company of those pure of heart will you receive a gift like no other. Without real human qualities like that of this lady the world would be a dark place indeed.

God bless her as I thank her for my wonderful feelings and experience, again reminding me how blind I really am.

With love, kindness and peace

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