Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse (Download)

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 5 June 2012

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Who turned on the light?

Breaking free from the shackles of narcissistic abuse is no easy feat. If you have done so congratulations and if you are not quite there, keep reading and learning, as taking back your life after a dismal relationship can be a complete feeling of revelation and life changing experience.

Well dismal might be a tad unfair, as what you have really gained through the relationship can be far more valuable than what you ever lost, if you are really honest with yourself and can focus on all the marvelous goodies you picked up along the way. And of course, only you really know the full value of what they are.

Sure, the first phase of the breakup is about the lows, but wow, after a period of time the lights come on, and I mean really bright! As you not only wake up and be grateful for everything you are and have, life just seems to open up like you have stepped into the Garden of Eden.

Everything in life seems so much clearer, easier, simpler and ripe for the picking, for you have laid down the seeds, toiled and now deserve the fruits of your hard work and suffering.

The whole attraction relationship thingy with an emotionless soul was all about you — it was for your learning and you alone. Wow, how lucky are you! Was your partner someone who ever showed real care, empathy or even said sorry just once?

Narcissists can have wonderful talents and amazing strengths, unfortunately close intimate and mutually giving relationships aren't one of them. It's not your fault or theirs, just a part of your development to wake you up and bring you here, reforming you into a new, vibrant and renewed soul.

Now the real fun and excitement for you begins... It will, you'll see. To help with your understanding and maturing process download the e-book below titled Seven Steps to Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse.

First there's the experience of suffering, then knowledge. Soon understanding and then wisdom. Inside, will you find real power.

With love, kindness and peace

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Seven Steps to Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse by Kaleah LaRoche

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