When love is not returned (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 24 August 2012

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Have you ever experienced that angelic warm feeling of rising from the ashes of hell to a place of heaven? A feeling and state one experiences from putting another before your own needs; sometimes at great expense and suffering simply to serve that of another.

Yet, can you ever love someone too much? Yes I think so, when love is not returned.

When you love someone so so much to a point of even dying for them, yet they don't love you back or even say one kind word about you or all the enjoyable and intimate time you shared or provide any explanation for the separation, the pain and grief you experience may be exacerbated for sometime to come.

Possibly, due to the other person's narrow sightedness and limited mindset they don't see past a few barriers, possibly from lacking love in their heart, and realise the full potential and value of the many multi faceted diamonds that lay beneath your surface. But hey, maybe they are not the right one, with the chosen one soon to arrive. Remember, the love and goodness in your heart is what many are after, and these kind souls will be available to you just as soon as you let your dearly beloved go.

Although, you may experience excruciating pain from head to toe, quite often there is absolutely nothing you can do as they have made a choice not to be with you, and no amount of pleading, reasoning, bargaining or jumping up and down will change their mind. It is really more their loss than it is yours, but hey they are most likely too immature or selfish to ever realise this. Without wasting too much energy on it, you could pity them for a short while, as they are too ignorant to really see what they are missing out on.

However, for your well-being primarily and that of others, you have to eventually let them go. You have both exchanged what was meant to be and for a pre-determined period of time. Your learning with them is now complete just as a four year course of study must finish in four years.

Having said that, what may help in releasing them from your life is to briefly understand for one moment what could be happening for the person on the other side of the fence. There are usually many reasons people have and most times it has very little to do with you, but is all about them.

Which should be no surprise if you have woken to the fact your ex partner was narcissistic and you, in their eyes, were past your usefulness date or somehow became a perceived threat to the many plans, tricks, games, rackets, secrets and excuses they have going on.

Whilst it is difficult to see behind another person's eyeballs and look into their mind, especially when you have no open and honest communication, one may deduce simply that their particular form of reasoning does not include you and you will never win at happiness and success with people like this.

It doesn't mean to say you don't love them, it just means you must recognize that the type and magnitude of love you feel and give is really about what goes on inside of you. How you experience love and the value you place on your types of love does not necessarily translate into another's experiences of love.

Their path maybe better than with someone loving, caring and intelligent like you, or it maybe by all standards and high values a far worse one. Nonetheless, it is one they have chosen foolishly or otherwise with their reasoning, and theirs alone.

But don't lose faith or love in your heart — the most precious of all substances on this earthly plane — for the universe and it's almighty power and wisdom is conspiring with you to serve you far greater than with your current woes, for they are brief lessons you needed before more valuable roles are entrusted to you.

Remember the universe will always cherish those with good hearts. It may look like you are sliding backwards however a different perception would be you are being repositioned for something far better, more than you could ever imagine. As the laws of the universe are never wrong, perhaps consider yourself even lucky!

With love, kindness and peace

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