Understanding we all love differently (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 6 September 2012

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True love is not always simple...

Whilst you may feel at times you never quite got the love or understanding you wanted, I can say with absolute certainty that you were loved and understood in some way. If only momentarily you could put yourself in the shoes of the other person and be absolutely honest with yourself, I'm sure you would concur.

Not until you rise from your body and a place of "I", "ME", self absorption, pain and grief can you begin to see others and their ways more clearly — how they feel and love, what they give and need.

In essence, they require love as we do, just in different ways. Some more than others and at different times of their life. We must be patient with them and of course ourselves.

Now recognizing the various forms of love is the challenging, fun and tricky part of human existence. For there may be no other mystery of life as intriguing and breathtaking as the art of understanding and experiencing all that love has to offer.

First, reading and understanding the codes of love that people both require and give, and secondly whether you are ready with the capacity and desire to accommodate the countless forms of love is really the question, and an answer only you can ever provide.

With this in mind and looking back at past relationships it can be seen that we often failed through a lack of knowledge, awareness, resources or a closed heart — for this is the journey of life for us all.

For many, we move from one relationship to another expecting we can remove the sins and failures of the past however it doesn't work this way. For whilst we may not make the same mistakes we will always make new ones with often not having dealt with the old ones.

Hence, we ought to keep trying with the one we truly love in our heart until we work it all out, and yes this may take a lifetime, but what better way to spend a lifetime than with the one you love.

However, for many reasons people abandon the ship of a deep seated loving relationship only to cast themselves overboard where often they drown in the chilly waters that lay beneath, deep in their soul.

Love does exist everywhere and it's simply just a matter of recognizing it and remembering that only through loving everyone can we ever truly and fully love ourselves.

Whether you believe it or not, recovery is what we do all our life —

With love, kindness and peace

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