Multiple Betrayal (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 28 February 2013

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"There are only really a few stories to tell in the end, and betrayal and the failure of love is one of those good stories to tell."

— Sean Lennon

Here we are with another of life's little experiences — betrayal. Well at least you can see this some time after the initial shock has subsided when clarity on the situation can be fully realised.

First you may ask, is the problem with them or me, or is it simply what life dishes out at times with the real task at hand and challenge for you being to know how best to deal with it?

Does one initially fight or flight from these often masters of betrayal, manipulators and users who you perceive to have hurt you? Or does one float and seek to transcend to a higher level whilst healing and seeking universal guidance, as often you are not just left with feelings of pain but a mess of practical affairs that often needs to be cleaned up.

Fully acclimatizing to what's happened may take some time as you allow the fog to clear from your emotions and mind feeling and thinking up all sorts of wild things. As your emotions subside you will get stronger and be more confident in that your head will work properly and plot a solution that will be right for you. Seek first to modify your internal world, before acting wildly externally, remembering once in the public domain, words, actions and effects upon others are difficult to control or retract.

Whether it be betrayal from a lover, partner, friend, family members or a business partner — does it really matter who or why? Invariably, the shock, disbelief and grief that follows can be a doozy and life changing. What you see in yourself reflected back through others, their actions and yours, can truly wake up your soul reminding you of who you truly are — love.

With breaches of trust in so many forms — broken agreements verbal and in writing, lies, games, bully tactics, silent and passive/aggressive treatment, dishonesty through poor or nil communication — you may wonder why you missed it, didn't see it coming or plain just thought you could handle the possible eventualities of what may transpire. Well in any event, it's often difficult to foresee the future, know the full extent of how you will be affected and how you will ultimately cope and deal with what's occurred.

What can then be far worse is when you have multiple forms of betrayal from more than one person in a short space of time, say weeks, for then you can even start to doubt and question yourself and sanity. Expect the unexpected they say — now they tell you.

With chest pains, moments where you have trouble breathing, gut wrenching feelings, aches and rashes throughout your body appearing from nowhere, a foggy head failing to make but once the most simplest of decisions, confusion, disorientation, waking up at four in the morning shaking and shivering not from being cold but from your nervous system going hay-wire and the list goes on.

No matter what path of life you maybe walking down in your close and intimate relations with loved ones, family, friends and business partners, when a single act of betrayal occurs, a breach of trust or an ultimate lack of loyalty, the shock, pain and after effects can run deep like the deepest of wells. Add this to other betrayals and it may even feel like multiple swords being stuck through your body as in a bid to finish you off.

To even make matters worse, the compounding effects of previous underlying traumas and negative experiences may somehow reduce your tolerance to these betrayal bombshells, in contrast to say a muscle that actually strengthens after being repeatedly ripped open.

So finally, it can take some time for your mind and body to again adjust to and accommodate the often many negative effects that ripple out from such an explosion in your life so give yourself some time. Hopefully, in the future you will be wiser for the wear as you move on to hopefully greener pastures and avoid getting involved in intimate arrangements with people who lack credibility and the same principles and values as you do. However don't be too hard on yourself as it's a fine art uncovering traits and specific human behaviour, especially when many go to elaborate lengths to conceal their bag of tricks, even those you would never suspect.

To help, do what ever you feel that will make things better and in your own time, the race is with yourself and no one else. Whilst the effects may vary individually they are experienced by many, with those sensitive hearted, naive and generous souls always seeming to cop it the worst.

Realise you are not alone and always expect the unexpected, as after all this is life and it all adds to your experiences. Go inside of yourself where all the wonderful stuff takes place as you discuss matters and work things through with God in a safe way for both you and others. "We must first (emphasis mine) become the change we want to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

When you feel you have been betrayed, try and work it through with those in question, if you can and want to, being mindful of the value they may represent in your life. However, if your soul says this is not possible, forgive them and yourself, say sio nara and move forward with your life — there are so many great people and things ahead of you.

The past is made up of thoughts and memories, that is all. Hanging on to an unhealthy past can deteriorate your health, don't do this to yourself! A fact of life is that people change and so do relationships, nothing is forever including family.

Look, it's all ok and is all meant to be — perfection of the universe simply at work. Simply be clear that you are the source of all love and all will be fine and divine.

Remember, value yourself properly and that Today is the First day of the rest of your Life — Enjoy all that life has to offer!

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Dianne Seymour from New Jersey , USA on May 28, 2013 @ 8:15 pm
    There will always be people who will betray you either with intent or not, whether it is someone close to you or not. The real test is how we deal with it. Do we close the door to our heart and stop loving outwardly and inwardly, or do we jam this door open because this is who we are - love! When we lose the attachments, expectations and close connections with others we can be free of the suffering that is so often associated with betrayal. Being strong in oneself and soulful is often the answer. Not easy, but surely a practice we must continue if we are to endure.
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