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By Michael Knight

Tuesday 16 June 2009

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What do you really want from having and being in a relationship with another human being?

What does being in a relationship mean to you?

First, make a list of qualities that you want in this other person. Some may be non-negotiable where others maybe preferable but not essential.

You must now make a strong commitment to look inward and see how many of these qualities you seek, are within yourself. If you are honest and aware you maybe close to having most or very few at all. It's ok to feel a bit shocked, but don't stress it's all good, you're on your way to building a better life.


Now the trick and hard work, albeit make it fun if you will, is to develop these qualities you desire in another, and become this person. Do the words "Do as I do, not do as I say" ring a bell?

If you skip this perhaps tedious and difficult step of introspection and development, you will only continue to repeat the patterns that have kept you where you are now — possibly stuck and feeling unfulfilled. So it's time to break free and release the shackles of slavery.

You will possibly feel happy through a sense of achievement with this exercise because you have worked hard to fix yourself up on the inside, to receive what you want on the outside.

Through the universal law of attraction, likes attract, and you will get what you are, and what you want. But you know what happens when you get what you want don't you? You will want something else — as wanting is endless, but that's another story. Perhaps just BE content with who you are.

Now having an intimate relationship with God is a whole other thing, but more on that in a future article.

God Bless
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