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By Michael Knight

Saturday 26 May 2012

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Relationships are always a tough area where some opinions proffered strongly support know and be true to thyself first.

This all sounds well and dandy in theory and for some it may work, however what happened to that quality of togetherness of the heart, mind and spirit?

Is this a dying and forgotten value with people these days or have my experiences been limited and tarnished by those I have thus far had relations with?

Having tossed my expectations and wants away over many years it has come down to one sacred value that I don't wish to be without in a relationship — a real togetherness.

In the absence of this togetherness or connectedness I have found it hard, in fact painfully unbearable at times to be with a person who lacks emotional and physical intimacy, for something more than an empty shell would cure thy ill.

Is it too much to ask for someone to be fully there with you or is it just best to move on?

I have been unrelenting in the effort I have given to enhance the relationship to draw it this 'togetherness' however after many years there is no fruit on the tree. Sigh. Is it a sign it's not meant to be?

When is it time to let go of a relationship? When does one really know there just ain't enough of the good stuff, no matter how much one gives of them self? Relationships that have some good can't just be tossed away like some pair of old or new pair of shoes. A relationship can be like an investment, but is that enough of a reason if your heart says it's not working?

Is praying for a person I can truly love and be connected with fanciful?

Please god, send me an angel — right now...

With love, kindness and peace

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