By working through the 74 Archetypes below with surrender, you will learn more about yourself and how best to give and utilise what you were born with, including how to best manage and choose the right relationships suitable for you. Through practice you will also become better at identifying traits in others with greater clarity.


From a Latin root meaning "to delight in," the Dilettante is a lover of the fine arts who never rises above the level of an amateur, and to whom the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" applies. Although the word has the negative connotation of a dabbler who seeks only a cursory knowledge or experience, it never completely loses the sense of delighting in the arts. The Amateur, from the Latin root for "love," has many of the same qualities of the Dilettante applied to the realm of sports or applied arts such as cooking and gardening. In many cases it's better to be an inspired amateur than a grind-it-out professional. Like the survival archetypes, the Dilettante or Amateur can alert you when you are in danger of becoming merely superficial in your pursuits, or losing the love that drew you to your avocation in the first place.

The shadow Dilettante manifests as a pretension to much deeper knowledge than you actually possess.

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Note: Archetypes in uppercase denote the four we all have in common. ie. Child, Prostitute, Saboteur and Victim. We also have a further eight unique to each of us, in total twelve.
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