What is REALLY in the best interests of your children?

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 17 November 2009

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Do parents really know what is in the best interests of their children, or are parents who traverse the granite floors of the Family Court so emotionally caught up they don't know what day it is? Possibly.

Perhaps they are looking for fairness, common sense, the truth, justice, for someone to listen or some father figure to wield the 'big stick'?

Or maybe they are ignorant, naive, immature, narcissistic, psychologically damaged or just plain dumb and stupid? Who really knows.

It's important to note that these flaws in people do not mean these people aren't mostly good parents or that they don't love their children dearly. No not at all.

However, one thing is for certain, most parents will not be serving their children wisely by being in the Family Court or having anything to do with the legal industry.

The sad fact is, that it usually only takes one parent to set this Family Court grinder in motion. Some applicants may have a genuine need, however history will clearly show that many have not.

It could be said that the Family Court espouse this what's in the Best Interests of the Children principle as a disguise for looting people's assets and finances. Because really, if there was any real backbone to this principle the Family Court would toss you out saying go and do a years worth of counseling and save your money and life for your children. But no, that's not what happens.

The system is all too willing to take your money, the money most people are willing to give them mind you, and order your life for you, because you can't do it for yourself.

Look, I don't mean to be unfair to all you parents, we have all done silly things including myself, but please, you have to wake up now, and stopping being reckless, your children are depending on you.

Get some smarts about yourself, it's really not that hard.

Below is a test to see whether you really are thinking and acting in the best interests of your children:

1. A Separation and Divorce first of all shouldn't happen. Once children are born whether you are legally married or not, you both have a duty as parents to raise that child in the best possible way you know how and can afford. Love is the core ingredient. From there all the right things to do will occur. It means you stay together and work things through, or you mutually agree to Separate and still be both there for the kids. Seek help in the relationship to make it work or Separate amicably. Maturity and respect is the key.

2. If you must Separate definitely don't have lawyers act for you. Only once you have calmly, clearly and amicably talked things through between you both, after the emotions have simmered down over some period of time, years isn't uncommon, then get paperwork signed off by your lawyer/s.

3. Don't go to the Family Court and other local courts as the case may be. This will only inflame things more and cost you more financially. Going to court is like lighting the fuse to a bomb, once it's lit, it's hard to stop. The result is usually obliteration.

4. Don't give your time, health, energy, finances, assets and life away to any legal person or organisation. Everything you give away, you are depriving your children of these much needed things.

5. Don't pay lawyer's bills, Family Court appointed psychologist bills (at over $4,000 per day, and other people or organisations that detract value from your children's lives.

6. Stop watching lawyers, crime shows and police shows on television. In fact give up tv, radio and newspapers altogether. It usually only programmes your mind with useless and mindless rubbish and misinformation. Give it a go. Perhaps spend that time more productively with your children.

So anyone who does any or all of these things, really does not have their children's best interests at heart. So stop kidding yourself and come back to reality, your kids need you.

With love, kindness and peace

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