New social change

By Michael Knight

Friday 20 November 2009

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Ever heard of the ol' saying a new broom sweeps clean. Well sometimes it does properly and sometimes it just gets swept into a dark closet that no one ever gets to really see.

What most of the non-Separated public and many naive people don't realise, and I'm sure Governments are impervious too, is that the issues when two parent's Separate has mostly nothing to do with legal matters, hence lawyers for the most part need to keep their beak out!

The Governments around the world should be setting up systems that assist the public through proper management and education services, with massive PR campaigns to get the message across that a new and improved way is here for families. No more conflict, no more fear and no more worry. How's that for starters? Ok, maybe I'm not a marketing genius but hey after all, families do come under social policy, and society is crying out for better solutions.

However, we know Governments, like man made law, are usually about 20-30 years behind the times, so I guess we can't expect a whole lot to happen real fast. Well done to John Howard for his Government and policies attempting to direct families in breakdown toward amicable and mediation type processes and solutions. It wasn't a whole lot and had a long way to go, however it was the initial push for smarter change we must all give them credit for.

However, like most Governments swinging to and fro in policies from one change in Government to the next, they don't always acheive a great deal, save more work and money for the economy that is in a position to feed off the misery of families.

By and large this isn't of much consolation for those poor children having one or both of their parents led toward greater conflict, pain and suffering, rather than having it subside. Furthermore, children becoming aware of how their inheritance was more or less stolen by the legal profession and systems in play won't be very happy as they possibly missed out on not only a better, more comfortable life as a child, but also as an adult who could in turn provide better for their children.

So what to do?

Well, a new vision for healthy social change in relation to how the breakdown of families is dealt with. A fair system that benefits mums, dads, children, all extended family members and the community as a whole.

There could be many forms of programmes setup around parenting, communication, self growth, rehabilitation, all with a link to a case manager and various forms of mediation and counseling. It's all doable and it ain't hard, which make many of us wonder why families aren't really being protected but perhaps I will leave that topic for another day.

With love, kindness and peace

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