Why do families bust up?

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 22 December 2009

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Why families fracture and ultimately break apart can be attributed to four general areas, namely a lack of or incorrect Morals, Beliefs, Government policy and Money.

Are these areas fixable and able to be changed? Certainly. So as an individual or family what can you do?

Possibly the first step is to focus and concentrate on attaining and aligning yourselves with good moral and spiritual practice.

From good morals shall a set of values and beliefs be spawned that will minimise the propaganda your mind and soul would be subjected to on a daily basis, help freeing your mind of impurities.

Money would not be so important and would be shared and plentiful. It would only be one of many forms of currency with which to exchange goods and services, thus freeing up and diversifying trade hence taking the mind and stress away from insufficient money resources.

As for Government policy, well it's modus operandi would be to truly serve the best interests of the people. It would be minimal and would seek to assist the community at every turn, not confuse, hinder and frustrate. Every family arm of government would be there to provide mediative and congenial pathways, and proper rehabilitation to family members in order they resume normal and healthy lives, a service which is non existent today, at least in Australia. If you don't believe me, ask the many who experience family breakdown and system abuse how they are traveling.

Whilst these ideals may sound somewhat altruistic or even paganistic, one can only instil positive thoughts in your mind, practice faith encouraging such simple yet common sense approaches to remedy our sorry state of affairs both in our local and world arenas.

Start purifying yourself today —

With love, kindness and peace

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