World Peace

By Michael Knight

Thursday 24 December 2009

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On the eve of this special time of year there are many children whose eyes and smiles light up the world at all the magic of Christmas and the thought of Santa Claus coming with Rudolph and his band of merry reindeer to bring them a sackful of presents, or for some children just a bowl of food, some safety or simply to be reunited with lost family — is all that is dripping from their minds and eyes — as their hope helps carry them through those long minutes and hours into a new and better day. God bless them all!

The beauty and hearts of our children are the only thing that will save humanity and ultimately this world we live in, and as such we must with all our might preserve, protect and cherish our young with every breath we take. Our salvation rests with our children — they are the true peacemakers as their hearts glow with love and peace.

As for the rest of us sorry lot, the many adults riddled with pain who seem to mess up this wondrous life, we too can heal and join our beloved children filling our hearts up with love and peace too — it's never too late.

World peace on the outside starts with peace on the inside — within us all.

Peace on the inside can only be obtained when you are truly free of wanting and desiring things for your self and be truly grateful for all the wonderful things we all enjoy the benefits of — things that come absolutely free you will be pleased to know. When was the last time you noticed the moon and the stars glistening bright or that grasshopper jumping around in the backyard?

When were you last truly thankful for that good deed someone did for you, and the one you did for someone else?

Are you really grateful that you can breathe in fresh air and are lucky to be alive, with a world of possibility and power just waiting to be unleashed, all at your fingertips?

Whilst the spirit of Christmas can provide dreams, goodwill and much joy and happiness for many of us, not to mention bolster the economy on some levels, the paradox of the commercial connotation of Christmas is that it unfortunately creates a wanting in children from a very young age, which may lead them through some time of suffering both as a child and adult.

And you know what happens when you get what you want don't you? You want something else, as wanting is endless. Just as a dog tries to catch his tail, it will never quite happen and the dog will never be satisfied. Doesn't mean he will give up or avoid frustration, however his thirst will never be quenched.

So on a happy note to our little balls of love, fire and geniuses, namely our children of course, may all your wishes come true.

As for me, a Christmas pudding with a cherry on top will be mighty fine.

Ok - I pinched a piece already - I couldn't wait, it looked so yummy —

Merry Christmas!

With love, kindness and peace

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