Never Give Up on Love (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 2 July 2010

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Love is everything.

Being in love, enjoying all those wonderful feelings and experiences of love is mighty special as I'm sure we all would agree. Whether they be current feelings or memories from the past, you are very lucky to have these. Be grateful as you will never lose them. For those who currently have lost that loving feeling, dig deep to find out what that meaning of love really means to you. Use this most powerful of all God's gifts to fire you up and bring you alive once more.

Never let go of being a loving, giving and generous person, for this will ensure love will always be in your life. Even during pain, in fact especially during times of suffering, you must find and tap into the deep reservoir of love, for it will be your saviour.

For without love you have nothing and are nothing, bar a human shell of blood, skin and bone. So perhaps it's time for change of attitude or shift in perception to really uncover and discover the many forms of love swimming all around, especially inside you.

Do you feel you are worthy of love?

Although you may feel you are not worthy of it at the moment, of course I'm here to tell you that you are very deserving of it, very much so, because you are a good person. Also, you can't survive without it, well, not a fulfilling existence anyway.

Sometimes to get that vibration of love pulsating again, it maybe time to shed your old skin like so many other creatures in nature do for growth and survival. This transformation doesn't always come automatically mind you, small mindful steps are the key. While some find it easy, others struggle and are very aware of the changes. Either way it must be done for you to advance, or you will only go backwards and perish my friend, and this would be such a shame as know one knows what good things are still in store for you. Don't you want to wait and find out? Hmmm...

Now that you have love burning in your belly again, even if it's only self love, and having predominantly dealt with the past, you just may feel relatively free and secure within yourself to again venture out into the unknown world. Lets face it — time waits for no man. Carpe Diem, your time is now, for the future is promised to no one. So draw up those plans and embark on that mission of love, your future awaits.

Whilst the concept of love rings true, sometimes finding that meaningful love may just be out of reach, as that automatic love finder deep within your heart and part of your brain may just be still healing and not functioning all that well.

Now, although there are many things to love, there is definitely no shortage as love is literally everywhere, how do you go about this ominous task of finding out what you really love to get you pursuing life in a zestful and liberated fashion like the good ol' days?

Well there are a few code names for love, with one being called risk. Unless you are totally comfortable and confident with taking new risks and stepping out, you will not attract love out from the cupboard.

Before you can love the big things, you must first love the small things and of course the journey you are on. Enjoy the small steps of exciting change and yet be strong enough to not melt under the duress of external events and interaction with life.

Creating a new map of reality around what you love is not only doable, it just maybe the key to your fulfillment. Finding out what you love is an inside job and as with all inside work, it can take time, patience and plenty of grit.

Doing what you love is not only preferable, it's sometimes the only sure way to finding work after a long stint out of the workforce due to an unfortunate reaction to an abusive Separation processes and past upsets in your life.

Although you may not twig as to what your D&M love maybe, straight off the bat, it maybe wise if at first you elicit what you simply enjoy doing. Alternatively, you may need that impossible challenge and mission to spark you into action.

No matter what your ultimate love is, always keep it close to your heart, for it will give you the necessary power to drive you where you need to go.

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Cathy from Victoria, Australia on July 4, 2010 @ 2:13 am
    Ultimate Love is to love yourself.
    Love yourself and others will love you and this will enable you to love them.
    There are many different forms of love, each to be cherished.
    As a narcissist, by nature, I can recommend that the love you must keep closest to your heart is the love one has for themselves.
    By: Ruprett Jones from NSW, Oz on July 2, 2010 @ 10:27 am
    Fortunately, I've never fallen out of love. With myself.
    I'm a narcissist, you see.
    All my friends tell me I'm wonderful and I tend to agree.
    However moderator, that's enough about me. Tell us, what do you think of me?
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