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By Michael Knight

Friday 22 October 2010

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Affidavits, legal applications, responses, numerous other paperwork and keep a diary. What for you ask? Why spend all that time, energy and life on rubbish you reply. Is it all part of the game or more of a con, if the truth really be known.

What it does is keep you in a defend and justify mindset doesn't it. Reveling in a world of blame and fear, causing you to feel helpless and powerless. Not a very good feeling ay.

Perhaps you better get some more power from somewhere, perhaps another lawyer's letter, court appearance, intervention Order extension or call the Police, just like the movies. No phone calls or communication as you obey your lawyer's every command. Unbeknown to you, their legal web of fear, word games and divide and conquer process has just sealed your fate, your ex and yes, your dear children. How do you feel about that?

The trickery, deception and illusion is far better than Houdini could have ever planned, with more reverse and inverse logic than you'll ever come to understand. The people who set the rules and dish it out know this of course, and make a handsome profit as well. Toys for the boys and fun for a select few - yes indeed.

It's true human behaviour is a toughy at times but mostly it's predictable, plus it doesn't take a rocket scientist to think of better ways to handle Separation & Divorce than what are currently available. Yet it just ain't happening is it Charlie Brown?

They might be conning you but are you ready to wake up and stop playing with them? Or perhaps a bit longer for you, some more loss, damage, another reason for you to bow out of life or yet another reason to battle the enemy head on, keeping the conflict and War perpetuating amongst the genders, the family and big bad system. Very clever ol' bean, give yourself a pat on the back as you pour more fuel on the already blazing fire. Yes, I know, what a nightmare, so please please wake up... else Freddy Krueger just may catch you!

Q. What do Family Court lawyers and Freddy Krueger have in common?

A. Nothing. Freddy is open, honest and obvious about wanting to cut you up and see your life go down the toilet.

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Simon Hunt from Victoria, Austraia on October 29, 2010 @ 9:29 am
    The whole system relies on frustarting the solution - shared parenting. If it was made easy it would be doing itsself out of business.

    Its a racket that won't stop until the damage it does to children is exposed.
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