Is Separation affecting our future young? (Download)

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 30 August 2011

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many Family Lawyers around these days?

Is it because there are so many families Separating or is it because the money is so good and easy? Possibly both but yes, easy pickings alright. In fact so much so, in another life you just might want to become a family lawyer, if you can stomach the emotional, morality and credibility issues that is, with both parents and lawyers alike.

But seriously, is all this Separation nonsense just about giving people the right and freedom to pick up stumps anytime they damn well please, or is there a bigger problem that is being created from all this division and self-centered behaviour?

Are we sending a message to our young not to get hooked up or live with someone let alone ever get married, in fear it won't last or they may get emotionally hurt and financially rolled?

Despite all the television shows and movies that glorify matrimonial bliss and all the wonderful feelings that come with this territory, realistically our young are wondering why ever take the risk and live with someone on a permanent basis. What's really on offer for either party, and is the possible downside really worth a few benefits?

While prenuptial agreements and discretionary trusts may serve to protect you in some financial way, is this really what committed relationships, family and trust is now becoming all about. Are people losing the essence of what the sanctity of marriage, a union and family love and togetherness is all about?

Will the generations to come simply have no idea about the wondrous gift of wedded bliss or will it be an age of too much choice, freedom and individualism, with the only similarity to family ties be in a virtual way on IT social networks like face-book?

With the constant demise of families indicated by the numerous Separations on foot in lawyer's offices and courts daily, will our children and their children really ever get to experience the love and connection that can only genuinely come from an intact family?

Well, one would like to think so, however the tide is strong against this notion of long term families as recovering from such a fall being a family member caught in a Separation may very well leave a bad taste in your mouth for sometime to come. Especially after a long winded battle of litigation and depletion of almost everything turning your life upside down, can be enough to turn the most willing matrimonial partner into carefully weighing up the pros and cons before saying "I do".

With love, kindness and peace

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