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By Michael Knight

Monday 30 April 2012

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Life can dish out what can appear to be some pretty cruel blows at times, where none of us are totally immune all the time. Sometimes life just pushes you around gently like a leaf caught up in a gust of wind, other times you can feel completely knocked down as if a semi trailer flattened you like a pancake — hold the lemon and sugar!

So is there a meaning to all this for you and possibly a secret to managing, overcoming or being resilient to these effects in your life?

Dare I say it, love!

Wow, that word love. Natural to some and foreign to others but needed by all.

Now love is as potent and full of meaning as is life itself — for love is life and life is love. For without true love there can be no true life. So the answer to life and all of its woes that burden you from time to time is to simply respond with love.

Now the even bigger secret is that you are love, a being of love, and can only truly be love. It's impossible for you not to be, for in your core your essence is pure love. Perhaps, you don't feel like a big ball of love or it hasn't yet risen out of you like a free flowing spring of mineral water. Give it time and it will. With love, development, openness and patience it will bloom as bright as a large sunflower smiling at you.

Unfortunately, much of the man made world is geared up to detract you from the world of love, but if you look sharp, you can see love everywhere like gold dust glittering.

Often, the the demands, responsibilities, desires, pleasures, false indoctrination and readily available addictions in adulthood compounded by confusion seems to sabotage your internal programming of you knowing who you really are — that you are love — almighty and powerful.

For love is your primary and ultimate purpose in life and to be and do all that comes from love, although the apparent simplicity of love can initially cause many to overlook their godly inheritance.

First become silent, listen, feel and believe in the special love that dwells within you. Repeat this throughout the day and night. Before long it will become an unshakable knowing and faith that you are an energy force of love that is stronger than any metal, substance or force known to man. When you feel the love within, needing love from another especially when being deprived of it, will simply dry up and cease to exist allowing you to be free of such torturous and dependency conditions.

Those who are awakened and realise their true power of love are an unstoppable and unrelenting force of goodwill, both exciting and a pleasure to be around. They have heaven within their heart and soul. They are the guardians and saviours of humanity and represent the true spirit of eternal life.

The irony of love that you may come to notice is that we know the aforementioned stuff on love, yet we seem to forget it, remember it, forget it and so on. Or perhaps each time we go around the mulberry bush we dig deeper for a greater understanding and experience of love?

More importantly if and when you Separate, keep love in your heart at all times and not dependent on the actions of others. Tap deeply into this old fashioned love within yourself. Others will come into your life full of love for you and valuing all your wonderful qualities, and of course you too will be in awe of them.

With love, kindness and peace

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