Closure - Letting Go with Love (Download)

By Michael Knight

Sunday 13 May 2012

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The loss and letting go of a loved one can be an extremely painful and difficult process taking some time to come to terms with as you find what's commonly referred to in the healing community as closure.

Closure in a general sense is when you have come to understand, accept and integrate into your soul what has happened and now part of who you are, to a point of being at peace.
Not necessarily forgetting what has happened or even being indifferent, just free of the crippling hold it once had over you, allowing you to live life fully with an unfettered love and openness once more.

Dealing with loss and grieving is often personal, unique and complicated.

Grieving is a way in which to say your own personal goodbyes, and no one ever wants to say goodbye to a loved one they cherished with their heart and soul, and as such people devise elaborate and intricate mechanisms in which to cope with such a shock to their way of life.

It's a process we humans go through in order to adapt to a new set of circumstances in our environment redefining the order within. Given some time it can work through naturally, other times it may need some work to facilitate the healing and change. And when it does, it often takes you to a higher level of awareness creating a new found sense of peace, harmony and certainty into your life.

Whilst grieving is necessary and ideally best done sooner than later to avoid prolonged suffering and ill health, the opposite is closer to the truth. For many of us, holding on to past memories and feelings causes us to live in that period in some altered state as if we could actually live in the past, instead of living naturally in the present allowing our mind and body its proper spontaneity and quiescence.

A loss is no easy ride with everyone reacting differently from denying it and pretending everything is ok and normal, to withdrawing and isolating oneself right through to where a person's unpredictable and wild emotions can wreak havoc looking like some hurricane has passed through.

Whats more, a loss can ignite a myriad of issues that dwell within you exacerbating the uncomfortability and confusion. Once these issues are highlighted and you choose to be made aware of them, they can either afford you a remarkable opportunity to grow, overcome and better yourself or be consumed by the negative influence and perception of grief into a world of bitterness, despair and decay.

This loss will most probably invoke a range of emotions, confusion and unwillingness to accept in both your head and heart what has happened, so you are free to move forward in a healthy way. Although bystanders can be of support when called upon and feel helpless at other times as they watch over the ones they care about, the real developmental work must be done by the person experiencing the grief, in their own way and in their own time which may or may not make sense to those looking on.

People can be at a great loss with loss and letting go. Losing people or things they have valued and loved, given a great deal of meaning to or made a big part of their life. The detachment can be frightfully difficult as some feel like they lose their identity, worth, history and feelings of being alive. The thought of those special times never returning can sometimes be too much to bear for some depleting their whole meaning for life, going off the wall and even landing up in jail.

However, if you can find a way to let go with love in consideration of being kind to the other person, as a surprise you may just find all your heartache lift in a flash. Also, instantaneously you may find your capacity and vitality for a new and enriched life increase tenfold. Try sending a birthday card or even a text message wishing them Happy Birthday!

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Teacher from ACT, Australia on February 27, 2013 @ 12:34 am
    Over a decade after my breakup and believing I had let go, I hadn't realiseed real letting go meant letting go of everything. In other words all physical, psychological and emotional attachments to objects, the past, finances and people including family. No connection to anything external to your mind, body and soul can be made if a true letting go is to be achieved. From there, the next step is to realise you don't need anything external apart from a few items to survive such as food, water & shelter. Everything you seek is on the inside. Cheres to you all
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