Learning to live alone (Download)

By Michael Knight

Saturday 19 May 2012

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Over the years I'm sure you would have played out various roles in your life but have you played the one where you're living alone?

Maybe they've included dream, fantasy and fairy tale roles dependent upon others that didn't quite work out the way you would have liked. Hurtful and disappointing to say the least but nonetheless a reality you explored.

Depending on what your past has been like, it can be very difficult at first making the adjustment to being on your own, however once you get there the benefits can be well worth the wait.

For example, being absolutely free to do what you want and when, with whom you want and how, and don't forget some good old fashioned peace and quiet. Free your mind from the external world — negative others, their opinions and ways — and of course from your negative self, limiting and unwanted beliefs.

It's a really great feeling to get inside the skin of your self no matter what age when you finally get around to doing it. Remember, we are all experiencing things differently to other people and at different times with our chronological clock only serving as a reference, not some guiding principle that keeps score.

Some people may start their life out smart and responsible but get tired of these roles, causing a whole range of issues including unhappiness and frustration. So much so that in their later years, they choose a path regressing them back to a care free child where being unorthodox becomes their new mantra, giving them a new slant on life and so much fun.

So whose to say what's right or wrong. We often label people eccentric when they don't fit into the stereotyped norm of the culture we live in, but who can honestly say these people don't live exciting and mind blowing lives enjoying all that they and life have to offer?

But before the benefits, you must understand and overcome the barriers.

First, look deep within yourself to find out why you can't or don't really want to be on your own.

What emotional, psychological, physical, safety, beliefs or financial reasons are getting in the way?
What addictions are at play and controlling you, looking deeply into the effects of sugar on the brain?

Be clear about why would it be a good time to live on your own and the empowering forces that will help you achieve this?

With love, kindness and peace

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