Somebody I used to know (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 8 June 2012

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When a lengthy time with the one you loved gets wiped off the historical scoreboard in a blink, like twenty billion dollars vanishing off the stock market, the shock that you obviously didn't much matter can hurt!

Was your relationship at one time alive and made sense or had the one you'd became addicted to loving, pipe up from time to time and say — we could just be friends?

Was it rough on you that the door on their heart was kept closed, keeping you lonely despite all the love you gave?

Did you feel like some stranger out in the cold, being cut off and cast out, as if what you had shared meant nothing at all?

What the hell went wrong?

Did you keep telling yourself they were so right for you as you often drowned in the sadness of reality dawning upon you from time to time?

Do you think you were addicted to a love that was never really there?

After you had been belittled for so long, cut down to nothing from a cutting tongue and heart that was obviously not meant to have you in it, it was time for you to vanish before your soul left you completely.

Nine months on and having stooped so low for so long, they are now becoming a faded memory, just somebody I used to know.

With love, kindness and peace

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