What defines a criminal or thief in the Family Court?

By Michael Knight

Friday 21 August 2009

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What defines a criminal or thief in the Family Court of Australia?

Is it a court appointed psychologist who charges $4,400 for one(1) days work, that is $2,200 to be payed by each parent?

What about when one parent doesn't wish to waste his or her money on a useless report, but rather put this extravagant amount of money toward the children? Especially in tough economic times.

Tough titties, I'm sure the court says, indicated by their usual response of making orders to cough up the money.

What happens if you are sick and can't make it that day, or are misled into signing consent orders by your lawyer when you are not well and not having the fee disclosed to you?

Well guess what?

Unlike canceling a doctors appointment and re-booking without a cancellation charge, you get an invoice from the psychologist billing you for the whole $4,400. Yes, that's right. You have to pay the other parent's share as well.

Plus you are taken back to court for contempt by the parent who is the applicant, yes the aggressor, only to suffer further costs and consequences, all because you don't wish to partake in a Family Court of Australia activity that reels into these so called public servants a fistful of dollars. What a disgusting element of society we have, and what's more it is a Federal Court.

This was Samantha's (not her real name) plight. She was just a mum. By 'just' I mean she was not a tough business woman or a vicious lawyer versed up on all the legal trickery and bluff tactics they employ to bully innocent mums and dads. She was not aware or strong enough to resist the ferocity and fear invoking deception many of the Family Court professionals employ.

Another case is with a Father called Nick (real name) where this very psychologist had canceled an appointment with him, without any form of prior notification. It was only by Nick ringing the psychologist's office on the morning to confirm the prescribed appointment, when he was informed by the psychologist's secretary "he (psych) couldn't do it". Nick read between the lines taking this to mean he wouldn't do it as there was less than $10,000 available to pay him. However unlike Samantha, Nick was not hit with a double bill, or brought before the court for contempt and other costs.

Clearly, this psychologist and Family Court smacks of hypocrisy and double standards every day save weekends, or possibly no standard at all, except the one that says 'I will only see you if you pay me'. So much for helping families for the good of society.

Plus, what happened to that slogan "What's in the Best Interests of the Child"?

What about the poor children — Johnny, Mary and Ellen? (not real names)

Who gets to tell them that $4,400 worth of food, shelter, education, comfort, their livelihood and future was stolen from them, and by a court, who they are to supposedly look up to and worship? Well, like many other victimised children and parents through the legal system, that idea has been on the down and out for 30+ years.

Plus remember, this is only one tiny monetary example of robbery where the children go without.

Does the psychologist, lawyer or judge send a letter of apology to these children explaining why it was in the children's best interest that $4,400 be stolen from them? I don't think so —

Do psychologists, lawyers and judges really think that the public believes taking $4,400 away from children is in the child's best interests? I don't think so —

I would like a court professional to come out publicly and say it is. For there will be no member of the court or a court jester who will, as it would be like admitting to a crime of theft. The police would have to charge this court appointed psychologist and the judge for making or allowing such an order.

It's fanciful that this Family Court of Australia racket is still going on after almost 34 years.

As for the public, how fooled are they?

Is it fear or complete apathy by the citizens of Australia that they just sit at home being brainwashed and entertained by fictitious legal, police and criminal drama on television, when in the real world, real parents and children are victims to such perpetrators as psychologists in the Family Court of Australia?

If the Chief Judge Dianna Bryant doesn't take full responsibility for the crimes that take place in her court, then she should not only stand down, but be charged accordingly.

Furthermore, the Family Court should be closed down pending a full public inquiry into the dealings of this institution, including evidence from adults and children alike, who has suffered as a result of the court's powers and negligence since it was first opened in 1975.

Perhaps the real question is how long will the public tolerate the constant abuse from this institution that carries on criminal activities under the guise of 'what's in the best interests of the children'.

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on March 18, 2013 @ 11:21 pm
    Apologies folks
    In my last comment I got it wrong

    The link is
    (much on site crimes against fathers)

    I wrote 'feminists gender against men' should read 'feminists gender war against men'.

    Regards Robert K
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on March 18, 2013 @ 9:37 pm
    Reply to Michael from Vic, Australia on February 25, 2013 @ 3:02 pm

    Hi All

    Thanks for also recognizing the problem in a better and more meaningful light. It is not simply 'the law' because people we employ and trust to comply with the law do not and deliver us something of their own ideological creation. Blokes I know many who try and learn the law from 'what happened' to them are self deluding jackasses. Like our Politicians we complain only look at what we should have been delivered and not what the shithead delivered us. Thus they too avoid the truth in the complaint to them. Other jackasses and protagonists in and protecting the feminist gender against men.

    I deal with many fathers and cannot understand them knowing and telling me how they have been cheated and have the cheating shithead sitting on their own self armed bomb that they only have to detonate - via administrative law - but not only don't but won't when offered assistance like I do.

    More to be found on


    Find also the great article in the Philadelphia Trumpet on The Incredible Shrinking Man on www.the Trumpet.com how - as I have been saying it - the drive of relentless feminists over increasingly weakening men is relegating men and sons into not only second class citizens but into an unnecessary species. To attempt to achieve feminist domination in which families are only 'women and children'. Maybe already in France on this site that 'mother' and 'father' are already redundant words

    For the sake of manhood Guys bloody well wake up and become proactive males before it is too late. They already have working artificial sperm and DNA from skin and a high suicide rate of blokes displaced from their families (about 1,600 a year in Australia). Blokes demise is well advanced over the past same 20 years Rip Van Winkle snoozing of our fathers in particular.

    Don't think they will not go the full way of Hitlers extermination because they are giving high fives to each other for the success so far.

    Robert E Kennedy Coordinator
    NT Office Status of Family NT 08 8932 3339
    By: Michael from VIC, Australia on February 25, 2013 @ 4:02 am
    Couldn't agree more Robert. Humans are a funny species - largely predictable with a smaller number unpredictable. People mostly do what they want, often not what they really need or what is best.

    Whilst some things can be truly black & white like setting up better processes to handle separation/divorce and having people stand up and speak out loud against the many ludicrous processes we have, many areas in this human and Separation realm are quite grey and can be complex. Where's Freud when you need him.

    Part of the flaw in the human psyche is the ability for many people to unite and co-operate unless death is almost upon them, possibly explaining apathy and the root causes for most of the woes we have in the world today. Guess many of us lack the genetic or environmental conditioning and capacity to always make wise and just decisions for others, even before that of ourselves.

    Getting control of ourselves first is most definitely the way to go, as hard as this. Looking deep inside, nurturing the love and peace within is the key.

    "We must become the change we want to see in the world." - Gandhi
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on February 25, 2013 @ 1:13 am
    : Michael from Vic, Australia on February 25, 2013 @ 8:56 am - thanks for your participation.

    It is all well and good having and sharing knowledge such as in these topics but it is meaningless unless it is proactively applied to cause remedial change. This knowledge needs to be turned into complaints to the right places as well done as court cases. Blokes just seem not to be able like women to become proactive and network the politicians.

    I always leave my phone number for anyone willing to be proactive and get a class action up and running but so far no one wants things changed to the better.
    Robert K 08 8932 3339
    By: Michael from VIC, Australia on February 24, 2013 @ 9:56 pm
    Hi Robert, thank you for your comments and to everyone, for throwing your views into the hat to hopefully shed light on the many difficult aspects of Separation and Divorce a myriad of people still face and struggle with today.

    I don't doubt it for a minute that the CSA and government organisations are overcharging parents just as lawyers do and other unfair revenue measures such as parking/speeding fines. ie. doing 66km/h in a 60km zone. It's an absolute disgrace destroying the fabric of society, not enhancing it!

    Any light that can be shed on the best way to deal with injustices lawfully (ie CSA overcharging) is always helpful. Family breakdown can be a tricky and time consuming maze and often deceptive minefield. A rabbit warren for many which is often extremely difficult for parents who are suffering grief, emotional obfuscation and perhaps lack the ability to traverse such processes and cope with delays and costs.

    The more information that is revealed about hidden and secret rackets the less ignorant and better prepared people become, with ultimately a better outcome short and long term for kids, family and the community.
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on February 23, 2013 @ 5:42 pm
    Michael do you realise that the Child Support Agency is doing the same by way of deliberately overcharging father payers? Do you realise that anybody so victimizes d has 'rights' and 'lawful' means of dealing with such injustices?

    It is the same throughout these comments. Folk bleat and bleat on and on about the 'consequences' to them but never never ever raise and identify the 'cause' and by 'whom' it was who caused the victimizing consequences. Never forget any 'wrong doers' can be prosecuted and Public Servants are no exception.

    I just do not comprehend why folk simply cop the crap the describe happening to them and not take some action against the offending 'offices' of the 'service provider'. Just as you would not just cop a 'made up' or 'invented' overcharge of an account.

    Public Servants particularly work under clear and strong laws and protocols and undertakings are sitting ducks when the obstruct or otherwise interfere with the proper processing of a case.

    I will have more to say on this in further responses on this site.
    Robert E Kennedy
    NT Office Status of Family 08 9832 3339
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on February 22, 2013 @ 8:14 pm
    In reply to who seems to be some form of male who identifies as
    victim of the divorce courts (they are NOT Family from vic, australia on February 22, 2013 @ 7:27 pm. So lets use the pseudonym of 'knee jerk'. Firstly what a wonderful democracy in Australia when weasels have the freedom to bad mouth someone about something the know nothing about. So here is mine where is yours 'victim of divorce'?

    In my divorce and property settlement there were several appeals. One made national news when her male legal aid solicitor was bedding the female judge in whose chambers he prepared our case and she sat on the bench and gave me two thirds of what I contributed. My feminist solicitor told me it was unappealable until the legal community got to know what was happening and she could no longer hide the massive injustice to me and we won the appeal on a perception of bias. After several appeals it emerged the legislation was not the problem but dishonest folk working in the industry. Something knee jerk cannot comprehend and defames me for.

    I decreed to do something about it and now it is fifteen years of volunteering behind me. Something knee jerk cannot comprehend and defames me for. After fifteen years of self funded volunteering from my pension one comes to realise what a broke and tight arsed and loud mouthed lot separated fathers are when it comes to NOT doing something to help the cause of themselves. It seems knee jerk is one of them gutless to have a go except against a colleague like me.

    I met many fathers and grandparents cheated by the system. I became more and more to realise fathers losses were not by 'the law' but by the workers in the system not complying with the law. To be able to say to the likes of knee jerk one has to work in this area to see new legislation and then how public servants and solicitors and even courts refuse to deliver the laws that The Legislature made. So the likes of knee jerk are only jerks while ever they do not realise laws are delivered by person who are subject to corruption and so rarely do we ever see the law delivered but instead their own personal 'gender ideology'.

    In my determination to get change - back to law compliance - I met PM John Howard AG Philip Ruddock and other keen federal politicians like Ken Ticehurst and Alby Schultz nnd David Tollner directly on the issues of us not getting delivered what The Legislature decreed. In such as more equitable share parenting and child support payments according to what The Legislature decreed and not the 'feminist template' public service 'clerks' make up. Ah if only knee jerk and ilk would learn a bit about how our democracy is structured and we are being duped by i ts workers that knee jerk blames as bad law. Nah knee jerk the laws are OK until we are getting them delivered to us wholly as The Legislature intended and not as some upstart working in the system PERSONALLY prefers 'women to win' and fudges the service delivery to suit.

    By: victim of the divorce courts (they are NOT Family from VIC, australia on February 22, 2013 @ 8:27 am
    Michael, I do not think this site should be used by people who make a living by encouraging divorce such as Robert E Kennedy does . People going through divorce are disadvantaged should they speak out against the system. They lose their kids.
    Australian lawyers are the ONLY ones in the entire world protected from being sued for their misconduct. REK is a sanctimonious A. Our family law act (divorce act) is not the world's best !
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on February 21, 2013 @ 4:40 pm
    I am surprised as with all other complaints as here on overcharging for family reports that folk like other things do not take any proper complaints or legal actions against them. It might mean stepping outside of the running case but it amazes and disappoints me that folk somehow expect some mystery person to step up for them and fix it. Please exercise your democratic right that people bleat and bleat have been removed form them. No no it simply is that folks go around bleating to each other instead of exercising their rights and taking some direct formal action against such as overcharging and false reporting family report writers. Note for as many time folk claim to have been denied their 'rights' it is only that they have not activated them.
    Robert E Kennedy Coordinator
    NT Office Status of Family 08 8932 3339
    By: Concerned individual from Sorry State, Australia on February 21, 2013 @ 7:35 am
    Well said Robert. Hear hear for the wisdom of your words. If only acrimonious couples could see the folly of their ways with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Much individual and family grief, stress and unnecessary financial loss could be avoided if they were to follow your advice and sort things out as adults.
    There is no doubt that the Family Court is a huge money-spinning conglomerate where the only winners are our learned Judicial friends and the associated legal and social money-sucking "social and psychological experts".
    The whole system needs to be turned on its head.
    By: Robet E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on February 18, 2013 @ 10:44 pm
    Well folks there is a cheap alternative to the family court. Have the common dog sense to work it out between mother and father and file it on consent orders into the family court.

    Yes I know women are stoked up to believer they will win irrespective and that is true to a certain extent but at an enormous cost to all.

    I tell them to recall all of the sacrifices they made to accumulate such as their share in the house and not to now to gift that to solicitors just for a shit fight in the court. Only the solicitors win and win financially every time irrespective. The only losers are the parents who could have agreed between themselves and cost only about $200 each to get their signature on the consent orders countersigned by a solicitor that it was done freely and not under 'unlawful' duress.

    But watch the solicitors who say they can get you more. I know of two case the spouses settled and the solicitor persuaded the female hey could get more and it went to court. In each case the court gave what the couples originally agreed. In each case the solicitor bill causes the families to have to remortgage to pay the solicitors. In one case the settlement was $45,000 to the woman but her solicitors bill was $96,000. Greedy women usually both end the marriage and ruin low cost settlement.

    To say nothing here about the corruption of the family law act from behind the bench favoring motherhood unlawfully over father hood and ruining joint parenting.

    Or Family Law act is worlds best but it is ruined by the workers from the bench down unlawfully ideologically favoring women. All prosecutable is folk would only go the right way about it and do something proactive to restore democracy.

    Robert E Kennedy Coordinator
    NT Office Status of Family 08 8932 3339
    By: Concerned individual from Sorry, Oz on July 19, 2011 @ 1:47 pm
    I wish I could say what I really want in response to Sharron, but I would be breaking the law by naming names as she has done, not to mention the defamation. All I would like to say to the well-intentiioned respondents to this discussion article is thank you for being there for people with a genuine need and creating a forum where information can be shared and support given.

    Here's a story: SLC had always been very litigious and had a way of taking events and weaving them together in what seemed to be a very plausible nevertheless fictitious fabric of allegation (often serious). Rest assured the health, safety, happiness and well-being of a child are not compromised in any way. In spite of a very unnecessary, heart-wrenching, and absolute last resort Recovery Order. Concerns were not unfounded, it transpires, and led to uncovering information of that which SLC would have preferred remained hidden. There's a whole other story weighted against SLC in reports re. care and more. Years later, it is sad that SLC still cannot get past her adversarial and vexatious self and look to the future for her child's sake. I'd recommend making moves forward and seeking help other than litigation, for her sake too. One must accept some responsibility in life and not keep endlessly looking for scapegoats to punish or for "fresh" sets of ears to repeat matters long ago dismissed.
    Yes, the child's best interests are paramount and always will be.
    By: Robert E Kennedy from Northern Territory, Australia on May 21, 2011 @ 12:39 pm
    I make many submissions and read much material as on this site and it perplexes me that so may folk openly state what the problem is but do something about something else. The first and second and all ans last thing they say is the 'dishonesty' of the service delivery officers but end up shooting a mouth {keyboard} of whingeing about the law or something else.

    The law cannot work if the provider of it is dishonest in (a) ignoring the case facts (b) ignoring the legislation (b) or deliberately misalignment of them (c) to cover THE OFFICER evading delivering what The Legislature {law and case facts} decreed. Thus in these matters inevitably by this 'cut and paste' women win and men lose.

    There are laws in place to prosecute these corrupt offices and the only thing is no one is focused on (a) the dishonest of the case officer (b) in what way under the 'protection' laws they were unlawful (c) and are not being prosecuted - so why then would they like Neddy Smith change their criminal ways?

    Well here too one is covering for the other just as criminally as Neddy while being 'case officers' playing 'obstructionist' and 'combatant' in their 'government employment with Government clients
    regards Robert
    By: Julia from QLD, Australia on May 20, 2011 @ 4:25 pm
    When will some parties involved in the family law system dig their ostrich-like heads out of the sand and realise that the consequences of their actions are actually what puts them in their current situation? If you request an Independent Children's Lawyer in proceedings (because you cannot afford representation, or counsel will not listen to or support your unsubstantiated/wild/deluded/spiteful allegations), and then the said ICL uncovers reams of DOCS reports that are effectively damning to you in your care (or lack of) children-do you really still have to find a scapegoat when the evidence against you is so strong and in print? Wake up and self-reflect people!!!! If the child/children's best interests are the issue, are you really doing such a great job yourself, or are you wallowing in self-pity, self-righteousness and long -held acrimony from the relationship that proceeded the poor child's entry into this world? Are you in fact guilty of what you claim and profess the other party to be guilty of? Why can't parents/parties to family law cases involving children put aside their differences for the sake of the child/ren; as I am sure regardless of what mud is thrown subsequently, the relationship which resulted in the production of offspring was more than likely consensual and caring at the time of conception and beyond....
    Do you really think if you had a strong case that you would not find legal support of any kind? Do you really think that an ICL would support giving a child or children into the care of a parent likely to cause harm? You cannot "hoodwink", "charm" or "influence" a judge in any way!!!!!!!
    Their decisions and judgements are solely based on evidence presented and what is in the "best interests of the child". Like it or not. The Family Law Courts may be pedantic and frustrating, however it needs to rely on HARD EVIDENCE PRESENTED BEFORE IT in order to make any kind of decision. I, for one would not like to be in the shoes of any of our Family Court Judges or Magistrates in making the extremely difficult decisions they make on a day to day basis, given the facts before them and the parameters of the law (not to mention the consequences of their rulings).Should you want to stay out of the traumatic system that is our Family Law Courts and spare children the agony of decisions handed down by our learned judges, I suggest you stay sweet with your "ex/s" and sort it out yourselves! Just remember, none of us is perfect, or born a perfect parent. We are all individuals and contribute to that which shapes our children in their development for the future.
    Do it for them,
    By: Michael from VIC, Australia on May 10, 2011 @ 4:06 am
    Hi Sharron, Yes polis by and large are useless in these one on one family law instances. Unless you have at least 10 protesters outside a polis office givin them stick with a hard issue you won't get anywhere or be able to attract the media to add some pressure. It requires some strategy to set up.
    By: sharron from QLD, Australia on May 9, 2011 @ 9:54 pm
    Hi Michael,

    I have finally had a response from GILLARD government who have placed it in the office of Pru Gowar MP for Eucation. At the time when R...... was taken one of contacts I made was Pru Gowards office in Bowral. This was 10 minutes from where I was residing and although never meeting her personally. Now the GILLARD Government have sent me a letter telling me tha PRU GOWARD will be following through as to why the Bowral Police were able to put R...... in a paddy van. WHO OR WHAT DOES THE GILLARD THINK I AM ...... To place a matter into an office that has a person that it totally ivolved with this from the begining to expect me to believe that all efforts will be taken to locate my daughter. I hardly believe for 1 second that all assistace will be provided. However what I do believe is that GOWARD will do everything possible to hide the fact that her immediate action would have prevented the long term sexual, physical and emotional abuse of my daughter R...... who is now 14 years of age. I still have not been provided with the legislation on Children's Rights in Australia of which I have bee asking the Goverment now for almost 2 years. Enough is enough GILLARD PLEASE EXPLAN ........ from Sharron in Queensland.
    By: sharron from QLD, australia on April 4, 2011 @ 2:00 am
    Thanks Michael,

    I have been looking outside the box and into a triangle but I am having technical difficulties finding a law firm to play ball or find the right forms to file.
    Thank you for the website link
    I will continue my seach for JUSTICE and your experiences help me to oontinue this.
    GOD bless you and your family.

    Kind regards
    By: Michael from VIC, Australia on April 4, 2011 @ 1:36 am
    I know it can be extremely hard and painful Sharron, however think outside the square and normal processes. That's where your answers may lay.

    Perhaps also tap into the huge power of being grateful

    visit: www.IamSoGrateful.org

    God bless!
    By: sharron from Queensland, Australia on April 3, 2011 @ 12:52 pm
    In th past week I have attempted to find any legal avenue possible to assist me in my legal endeavours.

    I have sent over 40 emails to different avenues for legal assistance through legal aid, pro bono, website for solicitors etc ec. I am depleted in keystrokes as to the amount of typing I have done. However on the upside I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE for my daughter R...... and the long term MUCH NEEDED CHANGE IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN REGADS TO FEDERAL WARRANTS FOR ARREST.
    I still do not have a confirmed copy of the RECOVERY ORDER that R...... was taken under. HOW UNUSAL IS THIS. no one can find it and it has been over 16 months.
    Just gettig back to basics even the Legal Aid Commission are not able to establish a MEDIATION BY TELEPHONE and nobody knows where J..... is living or what school R...... is going to.
    This is not rocket science but the basis fundamentals of common sense
    I still not have anybody that can provide me with any legislation as to the current age a child has a say i legal proceedings.
    I KNOW A SMOKE SCREEN when I see one. I am only asking from the court system for the basic fundamentals of our CURRENT LEGISLATION IN THE FEDERAL MAGISTRATES COURT this is seperate from the FAMILY LAW COURT as the Judges deal day in day out with these matters.
    I had thought by now through my endeavours to seek legal assistance that Legal Ad would provide me with a solicitor but there is a ERROR in the processing system that if you have a FEDERAL WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST YOU ARE DENIED LEGAL AID ON A MERRIT BASIS.
    I still do not have anyone in Parliament to RESPOND to this. I still do not have anyone in Government that can respond to the unlawfull attack by the police officer on me and the fact that two male police officers took R...... under a piece of paper that no one and provide me.
    The Department of Child Safety stil do not have any responsibility to look where R...... is living and her health safety and welfare.
    This matter has stretched every muscle I have to find an explanation as to WHY this has no one assisting me in the safety, welfare and education of R.......
    I hope that by posting this blog that someone will provide another avenue for me to ensure R......'s. I have faith in God that soon this situation will come to a resolution that R......'s needs are considered and not just the legal system.
    I know that my endeavous will change legislation I just hope my daughter is safe and tha she knows that I love her to the moon and the stars 100 billion times over and that Jessie is also wanting to give you a snuggle cuddle. Through expressing my expressions I hope that a Solicitor will see that my case has fallen off the rails not by me put by paperwork and that for every family reform needs to happen and this is an immediate start to the process.
    Every family in Australia has a story this is a grey area in mine but positve energy is what makes change.
    Sharron from Queensland
    By: Michael from VIC, Aust on March 27, 2011 @ 4:09 am
    Hi Sharron, if you believe your daughter is in harm and she doesn't want to be with her father, or simply that she would be better served by having you in her life as a a caring and loving good mum, possibly the most effective thing with current Family Court(FC) Orders in place cutting that have cut you out of her life, is to make Application to the the FC for contact. Restablishing contact with your daughter is paramount and the first step. If you are unable to do it yourself as a self litigant thru burnout or being blocked by the system etc, the only thing for you to focus on is finding a sympathetic lawyer that can do this, with them organising funding through legal aid.
    A good lawyer can cut through the bullshit and red tape with results sometimes far better than a parent, especially when the case goes off the rails.
    Be careful not to waste your energy by scattering your energy outside this task, for it well mostly be futile. By all means get some strong support to help you emotionally and build your networks to strengthen your position. Keep strong and positive, as this is possibly very hard for you atm. Try to keep away from the justice and system issues for the time being as this will only deplete your energy, time and life, for it is a black hole that will ultimately consume your life, if you let it. :)
    By: sharron from QLD, australia on March 26, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

    I have been searching the internet for confirmation of the legal age for children to make their own opinion in relation to which parent we would like to live with and I keep getting different webpages.
    Why is our Federal Government keeping this informaton away from us as parents????
    Why is it not mandatory for this information to be given to us as parents???
    The changes currently in the Family Law Courts are asking parents to attend councelling before going to court. Thats great. I am sure that my unfortunate road into this paper warfare has made someone behind a Government desk take notice of how many trees could have been saved if the common sense approach was adapated in the initial stages of my court case.
    Like the elephant I am strong and do remember all the effort I have made to ensure that my daughter was not dragged through the mud.
    BUT when the court gets a hold of children emotions run high and we want to protect our children but the court and the solicitors profit from those many years that a case stays in court and in my situation it has been 6 years. THAT IS 6 years of my daughte's life that is being torn into pieces as the words NO STOP I WANT THIS MATTER DISMISSED FROM COURT AND HELD IN MEDITION is not being read or listened to by the COURT SYSTEM.
    The other difficulty I have had is finding any legal centres who really know what is going on in our current court system. The access to legal aid needs a major overhaul to ensure that allocation of solicitors is manadatory when a child is in immediate danager of harm of abuse whether it is sexual, physical or emotional all three effect the long term develoment of our children and they are the most precious gifts from GOD that need protecting.
    I pray that all my efforts in ensuring my daughter is returned safely to me that the damage the court has impacted on her life will heal
    My daughter never should have suffered the experienceof being placed in a paddy van wearing a tinkerbell nightie and treated like a criminal. THIS IS SOMETHING I WILL ENSURE THE COURT pays for their INJUSTICE. regards Sharron
    By: Sharron from Queensland, Australia on March 16, 2011 @ 11:08 pm
    Hi Michael,

    The other main concern I would like to put out to everyone is to take note of any cars outside your home as you might be under surveilance and phone calls when people hang up and say nothing along with people asking for information about your personal details or a company ringing as a courtesy calls. I have also had my computer emails tapped into off the server before I read them and on numberous occassions over the last 7 years have had this happen. D.... was doing to this people when I lived with him. I now have to instigate criminal charges against D.... for this breech of my privacy. The most disturbing is our police force don't care and I have had to take it to a much higher level.
    The other thing I would like to make everyone aware of if you suspect child abuse by your wife or husband or partner to a child PLEASE MAKE A REPORT TO Department of Child Safety and in my circumstances I took my daughter to our local regular doctor and her pedetrician WHO SHOULD HAVE MANDATORY reported the abuse of R...... after a Court Order that I had to instigate for 2 months whilst I went into hospital. The trauma my daughter went through during those 2 months SHOULD HAVE CEASED ANY CONTACT THAT D.... OR HIS MOTHER to have contact with R....... I won't go into detail about the abuse that is on record with the doctors and Department of Child Safety. However, just today I am attempting to get that information which I have been chassing through our GOVERNMENT SYSTEM for the last 15 months. My reason is putting this out there for mums and dads that suspect child abuse in contact visits to make a report to the the child services and ensure that your DOCTORS ALSO. regards Sharron keep on looking after our chldren they are our future and deserve to have their own words heard by the court system.
    By: Stan the man from New South Wales, Australia on March 16, 2011 @ 8:50 pm
    Hi Sharron and Michael. Looks like you have both been dragged through the mud and you Sharron with 2 DAVIDS. Where are you both at now with everything in your lives? As for me, 5yrs on and I still don't know what day of the week it is sometimes and I still get angry about things that happened in that court. Unbelievable actually. Some people either don't believe me and others just say get over it. Huh!
    By: Sharron from Queensland, Australia on March 16, 2011 @ 5:05 am
    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments in relation to my case. Your heartfelt comments from a mans point of view is appreciated. The calious way that D.... instigated this after having no contact with R...... for 4 years makes by blood boil. You are honest with our court system and I like your comments I actually feel that HALLIGAN gets pleasure out of handing down a death sentenance. In relation to common sense is exactly how I feel and telling the truth does not get the court proceeding over and done with so we can get back to raising our children. It is a game to these Judges. The wisdom to see deep inside the Family Court House of Cards. I can only imagine your frustration of a 5 day trial and the effects that it had on your children. Your daughter is 14 and intuative to respect you and your son at 11 are still children but they are sensitive knowing how much you love them. I cannot belive that you were not given custody of your children. They have expressed in the 4 psychologist reports that they want to be with you. It is this resitment that the Court dictates rules and regulations and irrational court decisions based on what they want to do and ignore our children. They are not values and our childrens rights are being burried and that is not healthy. I truly feel for your children as you write about the tears and hurt in their eyes was shocking as you told them of the courts decision. I go to sleep each night remembering the fear and horror in R......'s eyes and her voice telling the police that she did not want to go she wanted to stay with me, mum over and over again. Even our collie dog Jessie was barking at the police as they took her wearing a tinkerbell nightie to a paddy van and locked her in their for an hour. They could hear the tears in R......'s voice. WHAT SOUGHT OF FATHER IS D.... TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN TO HIS CHILD. HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING THAT IS NOT LOVE THAT IS CONTROL. I can fully understand your comments that the failure you felt at not being able to protect your childrens wishes almost killed you. I FELT EXACTLY THE SAME. I await the dawn as my darkest hour is around 7pm when I normally start cooking dinner for us after taking Jessie our dog for a walk with R...... . I have always been an outgoing person always helping others in need I was being used. I am glad that your daughter did walk home as that shows her true feelings of appreciating that you are a loving dad.My only difficulty is I don't know where R...... is living or the school she is attending not even a phone number and my daughter has F....... S....... and is not aware that I am even alive. I do belive that our children make their own decisions and this should be RESPECTED by the court and you are right NO COURT IN THE LAND OF OZ or anywhere for that matter can be stronger than human will. Take Care Sharron
    By: Peter SM from SA, Australia on March 16, 2011 @ 5:01 am
    Yeah thanks guys for the update on the Family Court. Have heard many stories about this wretched place and thank god my X and i are at least talking on a civil note. She also knows its a hell hole and waste of money. Fingers crossed
    By: Michael from VIC, Australia on March 15, 2011 @ 9:41 pm
    Hi Sharon, it's simple. Their game and their rules! However, it's a system that can be manipulated by parents and lawyers with often very unsavoury results to decent and naive parents with horrible side effects falling on our children.

    Do as I say and when I say is the legal system mantra. Give me the money when I say and how much I say, or else!

    Once becoming an applicant or defendant, you are in the the system and must hold on tight as you traverse the ups and downs, delays and merry go round ride. Even if you want to get off the ride or out of the fun house it can be very difficult and may cause you to be penalised and lose something.

    If you try and speak up, enforce your rights as a self litigant or act against their racket in any way, you will feel the hand of injustice slap you down, especially having unjust costs thrown at you, or warrants and police involvement like with you.

    You are made to feel like a criminal just for protecting your children.

    The real problem however, isn't with the courts, it's with us.

    It's our belief that common sense, fairness and what's just will prevail in these cold crematorium type places, and that the so called bad parent will be exposed, punished or simply not pandered to like some child seeking attention. Even if they hide behind high paid lawyers and waste all the family assets on supporting their habit or need to be right and get their way no matter what the costs are to others, in turn whittling away our kid's well-being, futures and security.

    We often originally hold the belief that telling the truth would be enough, it would be believed and stand for something. Silly us. When we learn that lesson and that it's not about the truth but in fact a game, we start to wake up.

    People have been brainwashed for too long to think that these institutions are sanctimonious. Unfortunately not, which is confusing to see at first as everything is a bit backwards and upside down until you obtain the wisdom to see deep into the Family Court House of Cards.

    On a serious note, your daughter is 14. She can go where she likes. My daughter was 14 and son 11 when the mother won custody after a 5 day trial in the Family Court, despite the wishes of both my daughter and son saying they always wanted to live with Dad, indicated in 4 psychologist reports. The tears and hurt in their eyes was shocking as I told them of the court's decision and had to deliver them to a place where they did not want to go. The failure I felt at not being able to protect their wishes almost killed me.

    But life will teach you it gets darkest before dawn.

    However, despite Court Orders, 8 months later my son(11) started running away to my home wanting to live with me. My son's urgency was exacerbated by his mother thwarting and denying contact with me. After all I had been the primary carer for 3 years before the sham 5 day trial. Although the mother didn't want to realise our son's wishes for his best interest ahead of her own, she wouldn't allow this and used the system to do her fighting, for which it did. 9 months after the custody change when my daughter was almost 15 she finally left her mother's house and came home to Dad. She walked with her feet. And that's about as simple as it gets.

    When a child is mature enough to make those sorts of decisions and act upon them, whatever age they are, they are ready to live where they like and no court in the land of Oz or anywhere for that matter can be stronger than the human will.
    By: Sharron from Queensland, Australia on March 15, 2011 @ 7:59 pm
    Hi I just wanted to post some additional information in relation to my case that has been in the Federal Magistrates Court first in QLD and now in NSW for 6 years. I would like to educate everyone mothers or fathers the circumstances of my legal nightmare started with the father D.... alleging that I was fleeing the Country of Australia and that a PACE Alert be issued for my Daughter. I MUST ADD that in order to do this you can simply File and Affidavit in the court yourself. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE PROOF you do not have to provide AIRLINE TICKETS OR BOAT TICKETS (this is unacceptable and open to false allegations being put into the court system)
    This one act of revenge in the court system then allows the local Police in any state of Australia to go to your home and ARREST YOU. You do not get given any rights before they arrest you nor do you get the opportunity to make a phone call either at your home, police station or court house. In my case this happened in MOSS VALE, NSW and you are detained. In my situation the local court house had no idea what to do and had told me that I may need to spend the night in the cells in Moss Vale. At the time my daughter who was 8 years of age was at school and I had no way to let the school know that I had been arrested. To cut a long story short when the matter did go before a Federal Magistrate in Brisbane the father D.... was appearing by telephone whilst driving his car with several other people in the car. The Judge KEVIN LAPTHORN was becomming very aware that D.... was using the court system to create stress and a legal battle based on harrasment and spite. Remmbering in all of this I never took any child support for 8 years although I was entitled to it nor did I go for a property settlement although I was entitled to it. When the Judge read through the options of the alleged offence he started with Option 1 for me to attend a post seperation appointment at Relationships Australia or Option 6 to IMPRISSION ME FOR 12 MONTHS. D.... choose OPTION 6 however the JUDGE, God bless his soul choose OPTION 1. It has been my unfortunate luck that the matter was heard by in the beginning by F/M RIMMER now disbared from the Federal Magistrates Court snd Judge HALLIGAN whom no law firm in NSW wanted to assist me in my second Federal Warrant for my Arrest as he always favours MEN.
    I have added these details as IMMEDIATE changes need to be made to the FAMILY LAW ACT 1975 that in the event a parent files false allegations in the Court they should face CRIMINAL charges for PERJURY. The tax payers and our CHILDREN are suffering as a result of an antiquated legal system built on ENGLISH Law and running under an AMERICAN system with AUSTRALIAN Government blocking reforms that urgenty need to our Family Law system. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR FAR TOO LONG and reform needs implementing for the safety of our children. Regards Sharron
    By: Sharron from Queensland, Australia on March 15, 2011 @ 2:23 pm
    Hi this is the first time I have gone to this website. I thank you for a very interesting look into our family law court system. Yes our children do matter however our costly court system is not doing anyone any justice. In my situation the father of my child who never paid child support or even bought presents for my daughter in 13 years has been given custody of my child. It has been under the most unlawful measures that have been dealt with in the Federal Magistrates Court which is why I have been treated like a criminal. My daugther was being physically abused by the father and I was being sexually abused which is why I just wanted out of our relationship. I did have my own assests and home which have dissapared now as the emotional abuse of asking the court system to take this matter out of court and hold in mediation lead to a Federal Warrant for my Arrest and I was physically assulted by a female police officer. Yes I have been turned into a criminal by our Federal Magistrates Court and in psrticular by DAVID HALLIGAN. Now I am fighting to even have contact with my daughter. It is hard to believe that a well educated and polite person such as myself has been treated over and over again like a criminal. I pray each night that my 14 year old daughter is safe and that she knows that I love her and that the father of the child has not allowed me to speak to my daughter for 15 months. I would appreciate any feedback as to how I can fight this battle with the court system. I had asked for an Experts Report to be written by a phychologist, as it turns out she was not an expert in determining what is in the best interests of the child however was able to be paid $10000 yes 10 thousand dollars to write a report on Anzac Day 2007 bringing her own child to her Mossman office which she left at the reception desk as her ex husband was not able to take him for the day. This is a great way to make money. Your comments would be appreciated. Regards Sharron
    By: Peter SM from SA, Australia on February 24, 2011 @ 3:56 am
    Hope this is not true about courts, although i suspect it is and as such will be giving them a wide berth. It's another racket in society and an ugly one at that. The public at large can be fooled for only so long. Thanks again
    By: Stan the man from New South Wales, Australia on December 10, 2009 @ 2:50 am
    Had to just say what a sensational story and so true. I've paid over $6000 for 3 reports in the last 3 years.
    By: Grace from VIC, australia on August 21, 2009 @ 9:29 am
    Sadly, that was not the end of it for Mary, Jonny and Ellen's mum,she had to pay in advance another $2,200 for the next appointment with the court appointed psychologist,AND court ordered to take the children to the Psychologist whenever he wants them.
    no chance he will go poor! whenever he needs more cash, he just has to recall those 3 kids for another $4,400.
    By: Peter Young from VIC, Oz on August 21, 2009 @ 8:03 am
    I say, you there, we're in charge and will do what we like. If we weren't allowed to loot individuals and steal their children, I'd be cleaning public lavatories, and we can't have that, eh, what?
    Now where's that dictionary? I have to look up the meaning of 'due process'.
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