Don't ever give up (Download)

By Michael Knight

Thursday 15 September 2011

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Going through life at times can be a tough set of experiences alright and no easy feat for some who are on a long winding path of twists and turns. One minute you're up and the next you're down the toilet.

Pain can come on board out of nowhere like workers during rush hour catching the last train home. Or perhaps you've had a long spell of more downs than ups which means you are owed plenty of ups and they are awaiting collection, when you are ready.

Maybe you've withdrawn from the world, been locked away in the cupboard and banished from the true enjoyment of a normal life like some Cinderella until that one magical moment where she was set free, as doth the butterfly also do when the time is right.

So you will too, so don't give up! Don't despair as you heal your wounds, deal with your daily depression and emotional roller-coaster of anxieties and frustrations as you struggle from moment to moment wiggling through your cocoon and transforming.

Keep making tiny steps in the direction of your choosing listening inside to your intuition and spirit for guidance, for the path is being cleared for you in response to every effort you make.

As you push forward on your journey new things will open up for you, people will breeze into your life, and things will just fall into place like those last ten pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Continue to clean the debris from your life, those things and people holding you back and weighing you down. Let go of stresses and things and people you can't control. Your mind will become clearer and lighter. Your energy will build giving you strength and greater confidence all leading to a day where you will be ready to meet life head on once more.

Yes, another duel where your spirit will allow you to fly with grace and complete freedom as you say goodbye to your old slow crawling caterpillar self. So never ever choose to give up! For this time will come soon enough without you possibly ever having to make the choice.

With love, kindness and peace

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Don't give up (live) by Shannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaighte

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