What's your NEW philosophy?

By Michael Knight

Sunday 23 August 2009

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When starting a new life it often helps to get a new philosophy or redefine an old one, with this perhaps changing several times until both you and it, are in alignment with each other.

After all, life should be about fun, excitement, enjoyment and love — hence a new philosophy can be what's needed first — redefining who you are, what you want and how to tap into that driving force to obtain it.

If something in your life is holding you back or simply not working for you after giving it some serious effort and a prolonged amount of attention, it is best you cut it loose, respectfully putting it to the side and moving forward.

It may upset or sadden you but in the long term it's best. In the case of a relationship not working it's best to end it, as both of you can then find people that are a better match, resulting in greater enjoyment for all.

When you have gone through a trauma with your world being turned upside down, most likely over many years, it may not be clear to you that a new philosophy is needed. However in time, as the chaos and stress levels in your life subside somewhat, you will hopefully understand that certain things in your life aren't working the way you would like, and possibly haven't been for some time. You just didn't see it or were too afraid to admit it to yourself, possibly fearing further loss and heartache.

Or maybe you just had to get to a place of being struck down with boredom with endless attempts at creating a new life repeating the same old habits. Or that desire to want something better is starting to finally emerge from under that huge pile of distractions where there was once a happy, confident and fun seeking little child running around.

Either way, a new dawn is upon you and your time is now. So what is a philosophy and why might it be especially important after an ugly Separation or Divorce? There are various definitions but the simple one we shall use here is a system of values or beliefs by which one lives.

Being clear about your philosophy is especially vital if you're off the tracks and getting dizzy going round and round the roundabout. It may just be the answer to point you in that direction you wish to go, allowing you to make a plan putting the things you desire in order, making it easier to make those necessary changes. Getting back to basics about what your values and beliefs are may just give you the missing piece to the puzzle of how to begin your long awaited return to a healthy and rewarding life that you are most definitely deserving of.

One page to read to help you sort through your values can be found here.

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Jack Jones from NSW, Oz on August 23, 2009 @ 12:39 am
    I once had a philosophy of doing unto others. And then I met some lawyers, judges and social workers, and that changed. I'd now like to round them all up and then string 'em up.
    That's my new philosophy guv.
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