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Question I have is can anything be done with emotionally closed off people? If they won't be honest with what's going on inside them when they should be old enough to express themselves, is there anything that can be said or done to them, or nothing, and is it us that has to pull away and leave them?

Posted: 7 years ago by Janine from Ashgrove NSW

Its simply a choice Janine. Your choice based on your values on whether or not to deal with them with such limited communication and expression. Some people maybe ok with this, you maybe not. By all means say what you like to them, what you see, how you feel and so forth, however, the rest is up to them. Remember this old saying... You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink it. Again, your choice if the relationship is not working for you, either walk away in search of different or put up with what you have.

Posted: 7 years ago by Belinda from Surrey Hills Victoria

Some people don't want to change for any reason no matter how much you plead with them. Forcing them don't work either. Well that was the case with my ex! One day I just had enuf got up & left with my 2 kids. Sad bit he didn't much care when we left either... What a #$%!!

Posted: 7 years ago by Marie from Ballarat

A healthy r'ship is a two way street where both people meet each other half way. If one person can't or won't communicate in any acceptable way, I ask, what have you got? Yes, hard work, headaches & two unhappy people. Simply, its not worth it. Choice is be abused or leave. Don't accept less than you're worth and give.

Posted: 7 years ago by Michael from Ivanhoe, VIC
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