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Should I get a lawyer?

Posted: 9 years ago by Jules from Brisbane

It depends on your circumstances and what you are trying to achieve. Can you be more specific?

Posted: 9 years ago by Francis from Beyond Separation

Many lawyers are self serving and deceptive liars who just want your money and assets. If you can find the right one that will work with you properly, and you're aware of the racket they play and are assertive enough maintaining control over them and not vice versa, then a lawyer can be a viable proposition at times.

Posted: 9 years ago by Brian from Wheelers Hill

It really depends on one thing. What value do you want and expect to get from engaging a specific lawyer? Some lawyers can help with a better than good result, but my experience has been family lawyers on the whole are out for one thing. To do it the legal way, the way in which they were taught to protect their interests and how to extort as much money from clients as they can so watch out oh vulnerable and naive families.

Posted: 9 years ago by Steve P from Boronia

Have done my time with lawyers and it's a sad situation really. Always best to get your emotions under control before seeing a lawyer, unless you feel your situation requires it. Perhaps only get advice from a lawyer first as to your 'rule of thumb' entitlements. Then allow some time with your ex to come to some agreement. The money you can save can be hundreds of thousands collectively so think long and hard about the pros and cons about the effectiveness of a lawyer. Also, when getting a lawyer, you have the problem of which one. Good luck!

Posted: 7 years ago by Karl from Boronia
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