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Is representing yourself in the Family Court difficult?

Posted: 9 years ago by Wayne from Rosebud

Yes and No. A good question yet loaded with many answers.

Firstly, before deciding to Self Represent(SR) yourself, work out whether you can give the other person what they want, and whether they will give you what you really want. There are many deals you can make and in so many different ways. It's simply what can mutually work for the both of you.

Be careful not to get distracted by the court process (being SR or with lawyers) otherwise you will most likely both be consumed by the legal process financially and emotionally and lose your ability to negotiate and see things clearly, as will your Ex.The result will be a waste a time, money, energy, emotions and possibly heartache and bitterness. If there are children you may lose any ability to co-parent ever again, or lose contact altogether.

Posted: 9 years ago by Michael from Beyond Separation

I have represented myself many times and it's not without its challenges. However, if you can do it calmly having gained control of your emotions, it can be self empowering giving you alot of control and saving you a fistful of dollars. It can be consuming though if you take it all too serious and let the legal paperwork and allegations take over your life. Which at times with various things said can be very difficult indeed causing you to react, justify and defend yourself.

Posted: 9 years ago by Martin from Bentleigh
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