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My husband left the family 4 months ago after 35 years of marriage saying that he "just can't do it any more". I still love him with all my heart, is there any chance of him returning to the family home. He doesn't have any contact with me.

Posted: 9 years ago by Wendy from , VIC

Hi there Wendy just want to say 35yrs of marriage is a fantastic innings, albeit still devastating to have a life partner get up and almost disappear from the sounds of it. Hang onto the love Wendy for as long as you can for you are clearly a loving soul and don't deserve to be without love or somebody special in your life. He may come back after he has some time out, however in the meantime ensure you find out who Wendy is and what you now would like to do. The are many people and things in the world who could sure use your heart filled kindness.

Posted: 9 years ago by Francis from Beyond

It depends on what he meant by he "just can't do it any more". Even when people give a reason/s for leaving it's not always the whole truth. There are countless reasons on both sides of the fence which are often never disclosed as to why the r'ship ends.

Article "Why do people leave?" may be of interest.


Posted: 9 years ago by Michael from Ivanhoe, VIC
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