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My Ex's lawyer is being a real bitch and no doubt fueling my Ex's insatiable greed for money and revenge, cos I had to eventually leave the relationship after 20+ yrs and find another woman who was a more suitable companion. What does one do and why is this lawyer being so nasty when there is absolutely no cause to do so?

Posted: 9 years ago by Tim from Berwick, Vic

In my experience the reason why lawyers are so and sos is generally because they like it, as well as other types of kicks and payoffs including money and power. However, keep in mind this can only be fueled by their client (your ex) who gives them permission (through instructions) to be nasty.

What to do is always a good one as there is no one simple answer I'm afraid.

Perhaps firstly realise it's your ex that will solely be paying her legal bill - so if she wants to waste her money good luck to her. Just focus on the outcome you want and work toward it keeping your side of the conflict minimal and clean. Often, lawyer's tactics include alleging numerous allegations as just a way to get their opponent (you) angry, defensive and drawn into the battle which keeps them as lawyers in business. They often prefer you running off to a lawyer as well because both lawyers can then discuss matters quietly amongst themselves, milking you both clean of as much money as possible. For many lawyers, this is the prime goal so be aware.

Keep plenty of support and strength as legal battles, even from one side, is simply a matter of endurance until all their money is gone or they finally get sick of the fight.

Posted: 7 years ago by Michael from Ivanhoe
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