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Have had differences of values with the other Director in a Company who wants his way to get me out, with recently verbal abuse and bully mentality. What do I do?

It's been a shock and very upsetting let me tell you. Although it's been difficult from the beginning with him being a narcissistic type of personality and all, with the usual my, me & I words common in almost every sentence and quietly opposing many positive concepts for growth, I've somehow managed to hang in there and persist.

I have had big plans for the company with which he agreed with in the beginning, but as time has gone by he wants to revert back to a sole trader mentality and do everything himself.

Obviously one can only guess as to how many issues this person has, however my main concern is how do I formulate an exit plan, keeping in mind my liabilities, rights & responsibilities, and adequate compensation as a Director?

My head and tummy are churning atm, so any ideas would be helpful to get beyond this separation.

Posted: 7 years ago by Peter from Caulfield

Bit close to the bone this post if I am hearing you correctly Peter. After experiences with the narcissistic personality with an ex in a personal r'ship and another person in a business r'ship. I can only say to all the readers that having a r'ship with a narcissist will almost certainly fail and be a disaster ending in tears if there is the slightest deviation away from what they want.

No matter how good you are or what you do, there is only one way and that's their way even if contrary to common sense and the common good.

What's more concerning is how narcissistic personalities are being bred in modern societies by the truck loads. What ever happened to those strong family and business values of co-operation?

Thank you for wonderful website.

Posted: 7 years ago by Claudia S from Mentone
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