Fearless Fly (Download)

By Michael Knight

Friday 21 May 2010

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Fear is usually at the root of your whole existence dictating both consciously and unconsciously what you feel and how you act in life.

Whilst fear on some level is essential for your survival, it can also be your worst nightmare.

Accentuated or unfounded fear can disrupt your life completely preventing you from having an enjoyable life experience.

Assessing your own level and validity of fear can be a wise move indeed, controlling it rather than it controlling you. So what does one do?

Firstly, where does fear come from?

Four main areas of the brain Thalamus, Hippocampus, Amygdala and Hypothalamus help process your fear from a stimuli or stored memory to a flight or fight response.

The fight or flight response is caused by the hypothalamus activating the sympathetic nervous system which controls vital organs in the body and the adrenal-cortical system which uses the bloodstream.

So how do you establish whether your fears are genuine and well founded or an over reaction to petty and minor stimuli? Is your mind and brain the cause or do you have an overactive sympathetic nervous system or solar plexus region?

These areas are well worth your research if you are having issues with fear or just simply want to understand it and control your life better allowing you to achieve your full potential.

The other course to take with fear is to simply take risks. Starting with small risks and gradually stepping up to bigger ones. The secret to this action is to understanding you can never lose anything. With each fear being conquered by you not giving into the fear, will you condition your mind with new memories to be less susceptible to fear, save for life threatening situations.

Knowing that unfounded fear comes simply from your perception, an ego trait and not from your creator almighty God, you will soon come to realise there is no such thing as fear.

So be like Fearless Fly, alias Hirem, put on your powerful glasses and go get the bad guys or simply just enjoy life.

With love, kindness and peace

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