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36. How do I know if my relationship is falling apart?? Are there any specific signs? View/Reply1158
35. Is the key to success and everything all contained in one's ability to shift their perception into the re... View/Reply963
34. Will the pain from a separation get any better? View/Reply1239
33. My ex has now filed for divorce but property matters not settled. Will being divorced effect my entitlem... View/Reply2265
32. Have been in a few relationships with nothing working out thus far. Being in my late 30s can you offer an... View/Reply2252
31. Question I have is can anything be done with emotionally closed off people? If they won't be honest with ... View/Reply2153
30. Also just wondering whether any groups around springvale area..thanks View/Reply2150
29. Xwife got almost everything are they never satisfed? View/Reply2148
28. Will the pain of my divorce ever end? View/Reply2885
27. I feel ive been betrayed by several family members so much so I want to chop these people and my family o... View/Reply2117
26. Having been separated for sometime now and a string of relationships I have come to realise that there is... View/Reply2059
25. Have had differences of values with the other Director in a Company who wants his way to get me out, with... View/Reply2157
24. What does one do when they have a few specific, immediate family members not giving them enough of the ri... View/Reply2076
23. What can I do to try to convince my husband who separated from me in August 2011 that we could work thing... View/Reply2183
22. Although I have raised a family and done a number of things in my life, at age 46 I am unsure about what ... View/Reply2238
21. I am wanting to have a relationship again but am a bit scared. Is there a right way to meet people, thank... View/Reply2135
20. How do you let go of the distrust and NOT carry it in to your new relationship? View/Reply2289
19. Having a dreadful time with my housemate who is always going on about his Ex and not seeing his kids and ... View/Reply2268
18. My Ex's lawyer is being a real bitch and no doubt fueling my Ex's insatiable greed for money and revenge,... View/Reply2236
17. Why is my ex wife still being mean, when she has got the house & kids? View/Reply2322
16. What do I do if my ex wife won't negotiate with me re a property settlement and our family business? View/Reply2459
15. Have just received an application and affidavit from the Federal Magistrates Court by my ex wife. I have ... View/Reply2318
14. My husband left the family 4 months ago after 35 years of marriage saying that he "just can't do it any View/Reply2465
13. How long should I wait before getting into another relationship? View/Reply2248
12. I have been in a relationship for 7 years with a woman who has been barely caring, loving, intimate, sens... View/Reply2530
11. My husband wont talk about our problems & sticks his head in the sand. What do I do? View/Reply2272
10. My brother & his wife have split up after about 20yrs and no kids. His ex has gone to court to carve up t... View/Reply2293
9. Is representing yourself in the Family Court difficult? View/Reply2365
8. Should I get a lawyer? View/Reply2415
7. Is there any right way to end a relationship? View/Reply2681
6. My Dad and Mum have recently split up and are still fighting, leaving my sister and I in the middle. What... View/Reply2428
5. What if I don't want to go to court. Is there a better way? View/Reply2312
4. How long should I wait after ending one relationship before I jump into another? View/Reply2406
3. How do I get over all this hurt and pain I am feeling? View/Reply2504
2. What's the best way to end a relationship with a Narcissist? View/Reply2536
1. How do I get my life back to being fantastic? View/Reply2422
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