Breaking up (Download)

By Michael Knight

Monday 17 October 2011

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Breaking up is hard to do for some of us, those who are truly caring and loving souls I would have myself believe, albeit prone to suffering more than others.

No matter what type of person you are or how much denial you enter into, breaking up will catch up with you sometime down the track. You can put your feelings off to the side now or decide to face the reality and truth about what you are to lose, and to gain.

For some, after being confronted with what will really disappear from their lives for good, may make some change to realign themselves with that special person in their life. Or with others, grieving maybe a fleeting moment; done up front, over and done with, and out the way like some task being crossed off their shopping list.

When the path of togetherness of two hearts was never quite reached, both souls end up traveling down the final path of breaking up. After many breakups and almost endless attempts for a loving connection, one eventually realizes they are never enough in the eyes of another.

When two hearts refuse to open up and be credited as one, full of love for each other above all others, one can only play the song of rejection for only so long. Being treated like an after thought and kept at the bottom of the wood pile void of any love, soon loses its appeal. The Separation process has begun.

When speaking to their heart proves fruitless, then to their head shall you do, simply stating that the value of valuing another properly was missing, causing your love to fall apart once and for all.

The reason as to why breakups happen can be a long as a piece of string and usually a combination of things, such as a difference in values or change of what's important to them.

Maturity often plays a hand increasing a person's self esteem and awareness of both their inadequacies in the relationship and possibly the poor deal they were getting. Sometimes for people it can be like awakening from a deep sleep of delusion and end to an early stage of denial. Breaking up can be hard as the many after effects ripple through the pond of your soul for some time to come.

Shock is usually experienced even if a knowing of the leaving was coming. Confusion and anger about the reasons for leaving or failure to give any, and possibly not knowing what your part was in the failure of the relationship. Additionally, you may experience some guilt for what you did or didn't do, especially if there was anything unfair to the other person.

The loss of a special companion can be a real blow. All their wonderful qualities gone. The interaction you had with them and feelings you shared. A degree of certainty, emotional and financial security all blown away. However, sometimes there are other things for you to learn that you may not yet be aware of. When the student is ready for new lessons a different teacher will appear, as clearly this person was either unable or unwilling to assist you on your path.

Feelings of rejection will certainly arise from having committed to them and giving them a sacred part of your life, regardless of whether they or you go of with someone else. You may also feel some disappointment about your plans and future going up in smoke, especially in light of the investment and sacrifices you have made in the relationship, especially so if there are children involved.

Coming to the realisation that your dreams with this person, possibly a soul mate have been expunged due to some selfish traits on either side can cause you some pain and make you feel bitter, however work hard on not letting this eat you up, being proactive in seeking all forms of help and support can be especially wise.

Then again on a positive note, maybe it's not really over between you both. Perhaps you really do love each other and are now prepared to take things seriously and risk being vulnerable in getting to know each other better. Making up can represent the mark of a true and soulful love only a few ever get to experience, however only you in your heart of hearts will know. Give yourself some time to breath and see how you feel down the track a short while.

With love, kindness and peace

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