The Wonders of a Naturopath

By Michael Knight

Sunday 9 September 2012

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Naturopaths, effective and credible or fictitious witch doctor magic?

For over a decade since the trauma of separation, system intervention and brutality and a string of failed relationships and toxic experiences, dreaming either good or bad had been largely non-existent, until after recently visiting a naturopath for other anomalies, something quite unexpected happened.

Within four days of taking a variety of elixirs, powders and tablets I had two nightmarish dreams putting me on the precipice of dying. It was as if somehow I was breaking through an intense fever sweating profusely with elevated heart rate levels subsiding into a relative calm shortly after waking. What's more, I actually remembered the dreams sometime after waking providing a positive reassurance that my memory association neurological networks had I believe on the whole repaired.

Remembering scary dreams can be a sign that emotional energy trapped in various parts of your body is being released causing an unbelievable sense of relief, freedom and greater well-being.

Whilst early in the treatment phase, it was certainly a positive sign allowing me to release much of the emotional baggage I had been carrying from trauma, loss and abandonment inter alia for over four decades.

I look forward to a brighter path ahead...

With love, kindness and peace

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