Returning to Work

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 24 November 2009

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Rebuilding your life can be a slow and somewhat painstaking exercise, with the time for recovery proportional to the severity of how you were affected by the whole Separation process.

Depending on how far down the volcano you fell or perhaps pushed, sometimes it can be a long haul back into the land of normality, for another go at this thing called life. But hey it's worth it, so keep the eternal light of faith burning, even if it's only a dim flicker at times. It's so important you do as there's so much waiting for you. God has good plans in store for you — you can bet your soul on it.

Now an important part of the recovery process is preparing for a return to work when, and only when, you have the head for it.

Some people can get back to work relatively quick after a Separation and some work right through it. However, others are wounded and out of action for up to 10+ years so don't stress, you will know when it's the right time for you to get back out there amongst the rat race.

Maybe it will be out of survival and necessity, or perhaps you will have to experience complete boredom and going stir crazy. Either way, do anything and everything to heal yourself and when the time is ready, a window of opportunity will open up, and a hand will reach down giving you a lift up.

Sometimes returning to work may not be easy for you, depending on how you have changed as a person since you last worked, how different the workplace is now, what skills you have to offer an employer and so on. Or perhaps you may want to consider starting up a business if you are that way inclined. Businesses are always a better path to success and maybe you know this, however for the time being it may be best to get a simple job, perhaps any job, just to break the ice and get that flow happening.

Although job agencies, the welfare system if you have one accessible to you, helping personnel such as psychologists may help you here and there with specific problems, the main task of securing that job will more often than not be left up to you, so don't rely on anyone else, because no one is coming save for Beyond Separation of course.

In order to help you along, the following list is a guide to help you get clear some areas to focus on. Firstly, ascertain what:

1. You enjoy doing?

2. Skills you have?

3. Talents you have?

4. Qualifications you have?

Then match what you have with the various types of jobs out there and be open minded and creative as to how you can meet any job requirement.

Plus, always believe you are totally worth any job, hunt the job down with vigor using your assertiveness and persistence. And of course don't forget the most important ingredient of them all — have FUN doing it!!

Happy job hunting...

With love, kindness and peace

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    By: Karl Plonker from QLD, Aus on November 25, 2009 @ 12:40 am
    All well and good my man but what about those of us who are predisposed not to toil, or to put it another way, wouldn't work in an iron lung?
    Having your wages stolen by the Divorce Apparatus, despite not wanting a divorce, which effectively means you're financing the stealing of your own children, is also not much of an incentive to put one's shoulder to the grindstone.
    Anyone feel like a game of golf this afternoon?
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