It's time for Family Law to go

By Michael Knight

Sunday 10 January 2010

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With the year 2010 well and truly bearing down upon us and two Family Law articles already appearing in the media today, it's a timely reminder that we must as a nation get above our petty mindedness and remedy one of the largest crises we have on the planet — a family in crisis.

Family Law (FL) needs to add a Y to the acronym so it can simply FLY away.

It's time for Family Law to pack up and go.

It's not serving children, families or the fabric of society.

It's serving many areas of the economy that lives off the breakdown and misery of family breakups but that's about all.

What is needed is a plan, a re-alignment and new focus for all industries associated with the negative side of family breakdown, so that these industries can assist and strengthen families, providing a better solution for Australia and other countries with the same problem.

Nations simply need to grow up and stop dividing families and then profiting off them — what type of people and minds do this?

Immature, greedy or simply evil?

When people finally realise that the Family Law Industry will never serve families, and I mean never, we can cast that system aside and start developing a far more superior and friendly system that truly benefits families, the fundamental building block of a healthy society.

What people need to become aware of is that the more attention and focus everyone places on this Family Law Industry, no matter what angle you come in from or arguments you run, this system will merely appear to change from time to time like a living organism, with no real benefit to the families that are being tortured and put through the grinder.

The crux of the matter is we need a new, co-operative and healthy way of dealing with parents who are not happy in the relationship whatever the reason maybe, and who lack the wisdom and maturity to find an amicable solution through a bipartisan agreement.

The days of the sacrificial lamb are over!

We as a nation have greater issues to contend with and so must direct our responsibility to such concerns of health, harmony and productivity of all people and the planet we share.

For us to advance wisely we must not be distracted by the spoils of family feuds but rather remedy these family irritations with proper systems that calm and heal the wounds.

We need to propagate healthy people and families for the betterment of a future civilization. Each and everyone of us owes this to our children and their children.

Until we learn this lesson acting with positive solutions and not disdain, our societies will only meet with retardation not glory.

Although our faith keeps burning we desperately need a positive call to action. A new plan is being cried out for, with the health of our elderly, children, parents and absolutely everybody depending on a better way for the future.

As always, with love, kindness and peace

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    By: suzie from VIC, australia on January 12, 2010 @ 1:54 am
    So true michael
    where do we sign up?
    divorce should not be in the court system,but rather thru mediators.
    the "dumped "spouse should be allowed a decent time interval before proceedings begin in order to recover from the shock.
    But all of this prevents lawyers looting family assets
    By: Rodger Knobblesworth from QLD, Oz on January 10, 2010 @ 8:04 am
    All well and good but my daddy is a lawyer and he says that unless he's allowed to remove parents and children from each other by smearing them with allegations in courts which ignore due process considerations, he'd never be able to loot those very same families of their assets, or as he calls it, "earn a living".
    Fortunately as long as he and his colleagues can perpetrate the domestic violence hoax, the gravy train will continue to roll along. Really it boils down to priorities. Ask yourself, who are the most important members of society.
    The great unwashed or the fine upstanding men and women who make up the legal profession?
    The name of his firm is Sue, Grabbitt and Runne
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