Under Attack

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 23 February 2010

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Do you perceive and feel you under attack by your ex and the system?

A message to any parent who wants to inflict further pain on the other parent, is not willing to be amiable, open to peaceful negotiations, mediate or be generous in spirit — not just your ex but your children will also be casualties in your pointless war of blood shed.

It is not uncommon to have a parent wage war on their ex partner usually due to their lack of knowledge, maturity, morality, spiritual faith, self esteem or them feeling secure. Add to that some bitterness, anger, pain, guilt, a mental illness and a blasé attitude, especially with the family financials and assets, and you can have a war on your hands that would make Hitler's troops look like a garden picnic.

What's worse is these parents are often the home breakers — work that one out!

Furthermore, these parents seem to find rottweiler types of lawyers or hitmen, thugs or the many derogatory names people call them, who appear to have absolutely no regard for anybody but themselves often racking up overpriced bills and erroneous costs from prolonged system abuse. These lawyers no doubt often have various types of personality or character disorders and mental illnesses just like others in society, so watch out. Guess it's not completely hard to understand why neurotic parents gravitate toward neurotic lawyers.

The part that's nonsensical about the family law wars is that parents who go on the attack don't always end up much better, usually worse if the truth be known. However don't rely on any statistics to represent this any time soon, as that would be a dampener for the legal industry slush fund. These misguided parents still retain their guilt, usually their pathetic and immature behaviours from before, however just with less dollars in their pocket, a non-existent relationship with the ex, perhaps a distant or non-existent relationship with the children and health problems. All in all it's usually a complete waste of time, energy, health and money which could have been used for a million other different things.

Although I feel sad for these people, the real sad part is the poor parent who is under attack and more often than not the children are affected. Unfortunately there are no laws to prevent these parents who throw money at the system from being stopped, as that would defeat the point of having a family law system in the first place. So to all those vulnerable parents under fire, gain as much knowledge about what you are up against, tap into as much support as you can and not let fear be the ruler of your world.

With love, kindness and peace

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