Are goals missing in your life?

By Michael Knight

Monday 17 January 2011

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Are you getting the results you desire to help get your life back on track?

No, we are not at the basketball, footy, soccer or any of those other sports where goals are scored, although they have the right idea to win — don't they!

Goals are a simple and effective concept. They're a door leading to success. Chances are you have overlooked them or perhaps not chased them with the passion and tenacity that you once did, manifesting into your life the many ideas that you decided to focus on. Are you starting to remember those things called goals again?

Perhaps for many whom have trouble getting back into the swing of a so called normal life, or to be more precise, an effective life after a Separation disturbance, it must surely be seen to be wise to get on that goal setting band wagon implementing those all important goal setting strategies once again.

As you set your goals, remember to emotionalise them by getting really excited and having some fun along the way, as laughter is always the key in whatever you do.

Now goals, goals and more goals — where do you start?

Well, why not start with your first goal with the understanding of what a goal really is.

A goal is simply an idea, followed by decisions and a process or plan requiring steps of action to complete your idea in it's fullest and most complete form possible. Some people also set up rewards along the way or at the end to motivate them to victory. What's more, it's dealt within the conscious part of your mind so you have complete control, although you could commit goals to your subconscious usually by repetitive goal setting processes, allowing tasks to be done with ease, speed and automation. This is why it is extremely important to continue to goal set and do it effectively with results, including conducting yourself properly in life forming good habits. The more you do it, the easier it will become without tireless thinking and physical work.

Furthermore, goals are particularly needed when you become aware of your resistance to doing a task. In other words, you need to set a goal when you know you must do something but don't really want to. It could be that you're slothful or lazy, however there is usually a psychological reason behind why you are resistant which needs to be elicited. It could be you have neither the capacity for the task, the correct understanding of what's involved, other underlying issues preventing some form of motivation or you need some simple strategies including the introduction of rewards into the equation. Before you know it, old habits are gone and new ones are formed.

What areas of life are goals particularly helpful in?

Well, it varies with each individual however for some, it can extend throughout every part of their life, especially where heavy workloads require you to use a part of your body or mind you're not used to using. Typical areas include fitness, family, health, mental, financial, work/career/business, philanthropic, financial, traveling and even fun. Other goals such as replacing addictions and bad habits with new behaviours, and general personal development of yourself can also be great goals.

Setting goals on paper or in stone if you like, is often what helps focus your mind on the specific task at hand, as untrained minds are wanderers and open to distractions. Through a strong intention for something, you will summons the necessary concentration, enthusiasm, emotional energy (e-motion = energy in motion) and acquire support if needed, to achieve any goal you truly desire.

With self discipline and practice you will obtain the necessary skills and habits to run the process of working towards goals more easily over time.

To obtain a goal you truly want, will require some planning and commitment, otherwise it will simply be a thought, idea or dream that will evaporate into the ether with all the other ideas and dreams. This is not necessarily a bad thing though as unfulfilled thoughts and ideas are recycled again and again as imaginations switch into overdrive until someone actually brings it into fruition in the physical world.

What goals would you like to set for your life, whether they be small or big, to achieve that special thing in life you've always wanted?

With love, kindness and peace

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