A short stack of issues please, I mean pancakes

By Michael Knight

Tuesday 25 January 2011

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Let us say a pancake can be likened to an issue, thus a short stack of pancakes can represent many issues including those of which are unresolved.

When an external event such as a Separation takes place, these unresolved issues that lay dormant to us consciously, quite often poke their head up and start impacting upon the process of change.

For instance if you have unresolved loss, grief and insecurity issues from childhood abandonment, say when a parent left you, a current Separation process that recreates such conditions will more often than not put into play all those old memories, feelings and reactions stored in your subconscious without you being aware, and play them out as if they were happening now.

The problem can be like stock piling one issue on top of another issue, until the load gets overwhelmingly too hard to manage, causing even the most simplest of decisions, order and tasks to become difficult to achieve or done effectively.

So in effect, you don't really have just a few issues on the surface from your present Separation to contend with, you have a great deal more underlying issues that need to be raised from the dead and dealt with, if you in fact want to maintain some self control over your life and the direction in which you wish to head.

So the next time you order a short stack of pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter say at the Pancake Parlour, as you eat through those pancakes at the top, be mindful of those lower down and how mushy they have become.

These mushy pancakes may just be indicative of some deeper unconscious issues that maybe having some control over your life without you being totally aware, to the point of you making decisions and behaving in such a way, that may not represent who you really wish to be.

With love, kindness and peace

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